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Kristine Hermosa shares what she has learned from her past relationships

Bride-to-be Kristine Hermosa talks about what led to her upcoming nuptials.

Rhea Manila Santos

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01/05/2011 08:49 AM
Kristine Hermosa shares what she has learned from her past relationships

In a few weeks, Noah actress Kristine Hermosa will finally tie the knot with longtime boyfriend Oyo Boy Sotto. The 27-year old gave some insight on the road that finally led her to matrimony after her ill-fated marriage to Diether Ocampo six years ago. In the current issue of Metro Weddings magazine, the pretty mestiza said she has never let anyone dictate who she should be attracted to. "When it comes to guys, pihikan talaga ako. Hindi mo ako makukuha sa pa-guwapo o sa pa-cute effect mo. Kailangan meron tayong connection or kailangan kilala muna kita, Mas guma-guwapo sa akin yung isang tao 'lsquo;pag nakikilala ko na," she admitted.

In the Metro Weddings cover story, Kristine recalled how she was able to move on from her first marriage. "You can'rsquo;t heal a broken heart overnight, especially when you'rsquo;ve already set your mind on what you want to happen. If my mind is set on something, I'rsquo;ll stick to it no matter what. Hindi puwedeng maiba. So when everything fell apart, I really had a hard time. Talagang disaster, but I had to face it," she recalls of one of the most trying periods in her life.

Although it took some time after the annulment before she considered dating anyone again, Kristine admitted she didn'rsquo;t find it hard to spend time with Oyo, her former Enteng Kabisote cast-mate, during that time. "But we weren'rsquo;t together talaga. People thought that we were both denying it kasi lagi naman kaming magkasama. Parang ba'rsquo;t ko itatago? Ang tanda ko na para magtago pa. Pang mga 16 years old lang yun. I had no romantic feelings for him. It'rsquo;s true that we were always together, but I never imagined us being together talaga. I guess ang dami pa nagka-cloud sa mind ko at that time, meron pang ibang tao na I wanted to be with, so it still wasn'rsquo;t the right time," she said in the magazine.

Kristine admitted that Oyo Boy was never just a boyfriend to her. "I considered him my best friend. He knew and understood what I was going through. He was just there for me without expecting anything in return," she said.

Kristine also shared the challenge it has been with all the wedding preparations she is busy with at the moment. "It'rsquo;s all hectic now, especially because every now and then I'rsquo;d change my mind because I see or think of something better. But I can pretty much handle it since I'rsquo;m used to multi-tasking. Still, there are moments when I tend to lose my temper. Oyo always tells me to relax. Oo nga naman. The wedding itself is such a happy moment, so down to the preparations, you should be happy doing it as well," she said.

The soon-to-be Mrs. Sotto admitted she is happy with her life right now and everything else that came with it. "All my relationships have taught me a lot, so I'rsquo;m thankful for all those guys in the past. Yes, love is an emotion, but it is also a decision. It'rsquo;s choosing to stick to that person kahit ano pa ang mood mo today.