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  • Toni Gonzaga reveals juicy tidbits about her media-shy boyfriend Paul Soriano in 'StarStudio Magazine.'

Toni Gonzaga finally opens up about boyfriend Paul Soriano

Toni Gonzaga reveals juicy tidbits about her media-shy boyfriend Paul Soriano in 'StarStudio Magazine.'

Toni Gonzaga finally opens up about boyfriend Paul Soriano-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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01/27/2011 07:58 AM
Toni Gonzaga finally opens up about boyfriend Paul Soriano

After three and a half years of being together, Toni Gonzaga and director Paul Soriano finally open up about their relationship in the February issue of StarStudio magazine. The young couple shared their love story in their first magazine interview. Toni revealed that Paul went through a baptism of fire during their first year together as a couple. Toni'rsquo;s parents, both devout Christians, wished nothing but the best man for Toni. They were also very protective because whoever came along would be her first boyfriend. "Ang tingin nila kasi, bata pa ako, very immature. Ayaw nila na papalit-palit ang isip ko, na iba-iba na lang yung dinadala kong boyfriend sa bahay," she recalled in the StarStudio interview.

Toni said that being in a committed relationship with Paul helped her become more mature. "I'rsquo;ve become a different person. Parang I'rsquo;ve become a woman na, kasi before, bata pa. With Paul coming into the picture, my vision about things, my perception, it'rsquo;s different now. It'rsquo;s full of wisdom, full of discernment. Full of maturity na ako when it comes to decisions and how I look at life," she shared.

Both Paul and Toni admitted they both make time to attend Christian services every Sunday at their respective churches. Because they have chosen to honor Toni'rsquo;s parents'rsquo; wishes, the bubbly singer-actress admitted she and Paul have never even traveled together, with the exception of them attending a wedding in Cebu last December. But they also flew back to Manila that same day. "He is not allowed to travel with us, with me. Because we can only do that when we are married. That is the rule of Mommy Pinty and my dad. [They always remind me,] 'lsquo;Stay away from temptation!'rsquo;" Toni said.

The pretty actress admitted that despite their differences in personality and lifestyle, they have both managed to compromise. Toni said this is especially true when it comes to keeping appointments. Having spent his college years in the States, Paul is used to always being on time. So Toni makes sure she never makes him wait. "Kaya nga nagtataka mommy ko, ang tanong niya sa akin, 'lsquo;Bakit kapag taping, hindi ka nagmamadali? Pero pag makikipagkita ka kay Paul, parang nagmamadali ka lagi,'rsquo;" she shared in the StarStudio cover story.

One of the biggest adjustments Toni had to make was to remember that being in a relationship meant that she had to make certain considerations she did not make when she was single. "Like yung maka-adapt kami na I'rsquo;m reporting to someone, na committed kami. I still act like wala akong pakialam. Wala akong kasama. Aalis ako 'lsquo;pag kakain ako, ako lang mag-isa. Tapos biglang, 'lsquo;Ay, kasama ka pala. Halika na!'rsquo; Ganun," she shared.

But the real rewards to the relationship is something that Toni said makes everything worth the effort. "With him, I learned how to celebrate real happiness. That it is not about my work, not about my career. What matters is the family, your real friends, your loved ones. Kasi before, my life is family and my work. Parang with him, I have another life. With him, there'rsquo;s reality. Hindi lang yung kung anong mundo ang meron ako.