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Phil Younghusband says he might consider going into showbiz after football

Azkals power forward Phil Younghusband wants to concentrate on winning games for now.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


01/26/2011 07:33 AM
Phil Younghusband says he might consider going into showbiz after football

With the Philippine Azkals signing up with ABS-CBN Sports to broadcast live coverage of their games, football fans can expect to see more of their favorite players on Studio 23 this year. One of the most familiar faces on the team is Fil-Brit Phil Younghusband who is also known for being a model. The 22-year-old hunk also gained more fans after joining a celebrity singing contest over two years ago. With the wave of popularity that he is enjoying now, would he consider joining showbiz as an actor or singer? "I'rsquo;m not showbiz but that remains to be seen. Right now all I'rsquo;m thinking about is football but maybe with the right offer, I might. If it means promoting football then I'rsquo;m willing to do it," he told Push.com.ph during the ABS-CBN Sports press conference for the Philippine Football Federation and Azkals last January 24 at the ABS-CBN compound.

Phil said that he still needs to work on a lot of things first before entering showbiz, starting with learning to speak the local language. "Obviously I still don'rsquo;t speak that much Tagalog and of course my attention right now is all on football. I don'rsquo;t practice the language. I pick it up from friends and things like that. People have wanted me to take some lessons but I'rsquo;ve always been really busy and never had the time to actually take Tagalog lessons. It'rsquo;s just that right now I haven'rsquo;t had the time to do that. It'rsquo;s okay but I'rsquo;m shy when it comes to speaking Tagalog," he said.

Phil also admitted that although he is not giving a definite "no" to entering show business, he has to focus on his sports career first. "Right now showbiz is out of my comfort zone and football is my comfort zone so I want to stay in my comfort zone. I don'rsquo;t sing. I try to sing but obviously now that we'rsquo;re with ABS-CBN I'rsquo;m sure we'rsquo;ll get a lot of guestings and it'rsquo;s good exposure for football. But I'rsquo;ll stick to the priority right now. Maybe after my football career then ill try it," he revealed.

The Azkals power forward admitted that he never imagined that the Philippine national soccer team would be able to gain this much publicity, knowing that the Philippines is still pretty much known as a basketball-loving nation. "I didn'rsquo;t think this would get this big. I thought if we made it to the world cup then maybe. But just beating Vietnam (the defending champions) and making it to the semi-finals of the Suzuki Cup last year has done so much for football. I never knew it would be like this, with the big buzz around it now. I think it'rsquo;s important we keep it going because if we don'rsquo;t win against Mongolia next month and if we don'rsquo;t keep winning, it will all be for nothing. So it'rsquo;s important for the Azkals to keep being successful," he shared.

Phil also had a message for the fans that have been supporting him and the team. "Thank you for all your support. Maraming maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat. As I said before, we love to interact with everyone and we want to know your comments, feel free to ask us questions or anything you want to know, feel free to ask us on our Twitter or Facebook and we hope you continue to support us because we wouldn'rsquo;t be able to do what we do without you so thank you," he said.