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Melissa Ricks reveals how Jake Cuenca swept her off her feet

For the first time, Melissa Ricks opens up about her relationship with Jake Cuenca and how they make each other feel special.



1/25/2011 7:33 AM
Melissa Ricks reveals how Jake Cuenca swept her off her feet

In an exclusive interview with Push.com.ph, Melissa Ricks opened up about how she and Jake Cuenca were able to keep their relationship strong for almost two years now. Apparently, admitting to the public that they'rsquo;re exclusively dating was a big step for them. "Kasi it started with friendship, matagal na friendship and it went on [to a romantic level]. We didn'rsquo;t let people come in to whatever we had. We kept everything private. I didn'rsquo;t know nga na sasabihin niya yun that day sa The Buzz. So natuwa din ako na sinabi niya yun so everybody will know na rin, para hindi rin kami tago ng tago. Siyempre nakaka-flatter and nakakakilig yun [to see that he'rsquo;s very vocal about his feelings for me]," she began.

Melissa further shared that Jake'rsquo;s family made her feel welcome when she spent Christmas with them last year. "Happy ako na sinama niya ako sa kanila. I got to meet his cousins, his family, mga tito at tita niya. It was really fun kasi usually nasa bahay lang ako 'lsquo;pag Pasko. Tapos siyempre iba yung feeling na makasama yung family niya for noche buena sila, may get-together, may parties so nag-enjoy ako and masaya ako na niyaya niya ako."

In a previous interview with Jake, he revealed that Melissa'rsquo;s close to his mom even when his parents were still in Spain. But he didn'rsquo;t expect the two special women in his life to instantly click when they finally met in person. To which the young actress stated, "Sabi super close daw kami agad, hindi naman super close. Na-add ko lang siya (Jake'rsquo;s mom) sa Facebook, I said hi, ganyan'hellip; And then when she came here, lagi kami nag-uusap online because she's online also. Nasa bahay siya and ako lagi din ako nasa bahay so dun kami naging close. Sobrang bait ng mom ni Jake."

Melissa also revealed that one of the things that she loves about Jake is that he really makes an effort to make her feel special. When asked about the most romantic gesture he ever did for her, she readily shared that it would have to be their candlelit dinner under the stars during her 20th birthday. "I was in Hawaii so we didn'rsquo;t get to spend Christmas of 'rsquo;09 and New Year. So when I got back, biglang dinala niya ako sa rooftop. Tapos lahat sila kakuntsaba niya'mdash;yung sister-in-law niya, yung brother niya, tsaka friend niya. Dinala ako sa rooftop tapos pagbukas ng door may mga fireworks, tapos may naka-prepare na dinner for the two of us. Kahit takot ako sa fireworks, tapos medyo nagka-malfunction sa fireworks, sobrang nakita ko yung effort niya nung birthday ko na yun."

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