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Phil Younghusband wants to meet Angel Locsin and KC Concepcion

Football player Phil Younghusband talks about what he looks for in an ideal girl.

Phil Younghusband wants to meet Angel Locsin and KC Concepcion-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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01/25/2011 07:19 AM
Phil Younghusband wants to meet Angel Locsin and KC Concepcion

Last January 24, ABS-CBN Sports welcomed the Azkals, the Philippine National Football team, to the Kapamilya network by being its media partner which will ensure that sports fans can catch all succeeding matches of the Azkals via live and delayed broadcast on Studio 23. This is especially timely because the team is currently gearing up for their first game in the AFC Challenge Cup against Mongolia, which will be held in Bacolod on February 9.

During the press conference for the Azkals, Fil-Brit Phil Younghusband shared his thoughts on his team now being under ABS-CBN'rsquo;s wing. "I'rsquo;m excited because it means we get more TV time. I always said that soccer always needs more exposure and in the Philippines, basketball has been getting a lot of the exposure so it'rsquo;s good to hear that finally football is getting the exposure that it deserves and it'rsquo;s up to us to make it entertaining for everyone. So we'rsquo;re under pressure but all the players are really happy because ABS-CBN is probably the most watched channel in the Philippines. So to know that our games will be broadcast here is great for the team," he shared with Push.com.ph.

The 23-year-old sports hunk admits that he would love to get the chance to meet two of his local celebrity crushes, Angel Locsin and KC Concepcion. "I see them on the billboards and I get used to seeing their faces. To be honest, I obviously find them very beautiful and very attractive," he shared. When asked to choose whom he would want to date on Valentine'rsquo;s day, Phil said he couldn'rsquo;t decide because he has to get to know them first to know who he would like better. "I haven'rsquo;t met them or even seen their shows. I just see their billboards. I don'rsquo;t really watch a lot of TV because I'rsquo;m always in the car driving somewhere like training. I haven'rsquo;t had the pleasure of meeting them yet, but of course I want to," he said with a smile.

The popular Askalz forward also added the girl he would like to date doesn'rsquo;t even necessarily have to be an actress. "It'rsquo;s difficult. It'rsquo;s not all about appearance for me. As long as I get along well with the person. It doesn'rsquo;t depend on whether she'rsquo;s from showbiz or not, it'rsquo;s about us having good conversation and getting along well together. The most important thing for me is that I enjoy her company," he explained.
Although he has no concrete plans for February 14 yet, Phil showed a bit of his romantic side by sharing with Push.com.ph what his ideal date would be like. "It'rsquo;s difficult because I really like planning out my night. We'rsquo;d probably go to a nice restaurant, take a nice walk somewhere, and then do anything she'rsquo;d like to do. I'rsquo;m not one who likes people to treat me, I like to be the one to treat the people I'rsquo;m with and if I'rsquo;m them, I want to spoil them and share with them who I really am," he said. With a packed schedule, Phil joked about letting his Valentine'rsquo;s date find him instead of the other way around. "Right now I'rsquo;m single so if they'rsquo;re interested, they can give me a call! (laughs)," he said in jest.
Catch more of Phil Younghusband and the Azkals in the AFC Challenge Cup with their match against Mongolia. Games will be broadcast live from the Panaad Stadium in Bacolod City on February 9 at 8 pm on Studio 23.