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Boy Abunda reveals how he discovered his passion for hosting

King of Talk Boy Abunda shares the struggles he went through getting into showbiz.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


01/12/2011 07:46 AM
Boy Abunda reveals how he discovered his passion for hosting

As one of the most popular faces in the Kapamilya network, Boy Abunda has managed to build a name for himself not just as a talent manager, but as an effective TV host as well. The simple boy from Eastern Samar who grew up to be the host of the country'rsquo;s most popular entertainment shows like The Buzz and Showbiz News Ngayon shared some insight on how he got to where he is today. "Discovering your passion is not a science. It'rsquo;s living life as truthfully as you can. In my case, a career in television was not written on the wall. I didn'rsquo;t know there was a career to be made in talk TV. But I was a talker. I was very verbose and expressive," he recalled in the latest issue of K, the Kris Aquino magazine.

The 55-year-old host admitted that even his family did not expect him to be in the limelight. "My tatay wanted me to be a lawyer because he said I talked too much. Nanay wanted me to be an accountant because, for her, that profession represented a financially stable life. So I listened to them, but I did not kill my passion for the arts," he said.

In the magazine article, Boy urged people to follow their passions, just like what he did despite the roadblocks he encountered. "Your truth is the most important thing. Not the truth of your mom and dad, but your own truth. It'rsquo;s instinctual. It'rsquo;s not attached to an age, especially in the entertainment business. You can'rsquo;t be a bold star at 62. Your bones will tell you if you still have the stamina [for what you want to do.] Pero huwag kang ilusyonada. O kaya yung nagugutom ka na, pero sige ka pa rin ng sige. If I had continued to pursue my father'rsquo;s dream that I take up law, I wouldn'rsquo;t be as happy as I am today," he shared in K.

Boy also stressed that it'rsquo;s important to remain grounded and not be carried away by unrealistic expectations. "It'rsquo;s also important to know your strengths and believe in them. I was told that no, I wasn'rsquo;t suited for television, that I had a Waray accent, that I was not beautiful enough'mdash;and I was told these things to my face by one of the most powerful producers. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up in television, or where I am now," he admitted.

Aside from giving advice on how to recognize individual strengths and passions, Tito Boy also reflected on how thankful he is for all the blessings God has given him. "But God works in beautiful ways. Madaldal talaga ako pero hindi ko alam sa talk show ko magagamit. So again, my thing is just to live it. If you'rsquo;re given a job today, do it the best way you can, and that can lead you to the next post. Why? That'rsquo;s what happened to me," he said.

To read Boy Abunda'rsquo;s full article on Discovering your Passion, get your copy of the latest issue of K, The Kris Aquino magazine. Available at all leading newsstands nationwide.