Gerald Anderson leaves the Star Magic ball with Bea Alonzo

Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo were caught leaving the Star Magic ball together.



9/8/2010 11:02 AM
Gerald Anderson leaves the Star Magic ball with Bea Alonzo

In the recently-concluded Star Magic ball, one of the most awaited couples of the night was Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson, who arrived together despite the nonstop intrigues about their so-called breakup. 

Unfortunately, the local press didn't have the chance to interview them since they came in a bit late and were ushered straight inside the ballroom by their handlers. The two were later awarded as the Best Dressed Couple of the night.

But unlike last year's Star Magic Ball wherein they were inseparable, Kim and Gerald were noticeably distant towards each other. Kim was often in the company of her "Chiurigogobashu" friends (which includes Melissa Ricks, Erich Gonzales, Beauty Gonzales, Kitkat, and Empress) while Gerald mostly hung out with his former Tayong Dalawa co-star Jake Cuenca. 

What's more intriguing, however, are the photos of Gerald and Bea Alonzo leaving the ball together that were sent in by a fan to PUSH. According to our source, she was hanging around the venue when the two left the ballroom and waited for the elevator together. (They were later joined by a Star Magic road manager.) 

In the photos, Gerald seemed to be paying close attention to Bea as the group walked inside the elevator. The joint departure took onlookers by surprise since Bea arrived with Zanjoe Marudo at the ball earlier that evening. 

Will this Gerald-Bea sighting add more fuel to the rumors that the two are romantically involved? Will this lead to the breakup of the KImerald tandem? PUSH leaves it up to you to draw your own conclusion.