What is the real score between Yael Yuzon and Karylle?

Although they have been spotted together at many events, Yael Yuzon insists that he and Karylle are just friends.



9/29/2010 8:42 AM
What is the real score between Yael Yuzon and Karylle?

Sponge Cola vocalist Yael Yuzon was very elusive with some members of the press when he was asked if he and Karylle are already a couple, following reports that they have been spotted together many times. "We'rsquo;re friends, we hang out a lot, we have a lot of common friends so we normally hang out like with a group of people," Yael said after much prodding.

Even Kris Aquino put Karylle on the spot in one episode of Pilipinas Win na Win when she said that she recently saw the young singer in a mall with her "boyfriend." "Hindi mo pwede i-deny nakita kita sa mall. I won'rsquo;t say na who. At least approve sa mom mo," Kris said, to which Karyllle only replied with only a big smile.

Recently, a showbiz photographer told Push.com.ph that at a recent concert, Karylle and Yael were spotted beside each other and immediately parted when they noticed that some cameramen had arrived at the event. Yael added that he and Karylle sometimes talk about issues that claim that they are an item. "We laugh about it like the idea of people thinking a lot of things [but] we'rsquo;re friends," he stressed. The vocalist also added that he already met Karylle'rsquo;s mother, Zsazsa Padilla.

Yael remained vague about replying to queries about Karylle, finally stating, "Officially we are friends," after much prodding.