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Derek Ramsay defends Angelica Panganiban against detractors

Derek Ramsay says that Angelica Panganiban is just misunderstood.

Derek Ramsay defends Angelica Panganiban against detractors-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


09/24/2010 09:27 AM
Derek Ramsay defends Angelica Panganiban against detractors

As one of the top stars of the Kapamilya network, Angelica Panganiban has now had to fend off reports of an attitude problem and other issues her detractors have been throwing at her. The former Rubi star his lucky that she has found an ally with her boyfriend of four years, Derek Ramsay. The Magkaribal actor is quick to come to his girlfriend'rsquo;s defense when Push.com.ph asked him for his side on the matter. "No, its not an attitude problem, she'rsquo;s just misunderstood. Hindi siya plastic and I think the press should learn how to appreciate that because she'rsquo;s the kind of person that'rsquo;s in your face. She tells you what she thinks and she is straight up honest. Of course at times she gets misunderstood but I told her it'rsquo;s not something she should change," he says. Derek believes that Angel shouldn'rsquo;t change herself just to please others. "That'rsquo;s how I met her so that'rsquo;s how she should be. If she started being plastic then in the long run it'rsquo;s going to be worse 'di ba?" he adds.

The Fil-Brit actor on the other hand, has always been adored by the local media for being one of the more accommodating celebrities especially when it comes to interviews. Derek is also known among his fans as someone who would never turn down a request for a photo if he can help it. But this doesn'rsquo;t mean he expects Angel to follow suit because he is not perfect as well. "I'rsquo;m not telling her to be like me. We handle things in our own way. Press or no press, I get along with everyone. But at the same time, I'rsquo;m also in your face if I'rsquo;m disrespected, if I feel like I get a question directed towards me that I don'rsquo;t like, I'rsquo;ll be in your face and tell you about it. But I try to get along with everyone," he says. Derek couldn'rsquo;t help but show concern at the way the public may perceive his girlfriend. "She has been in the industry for 17 years, let'rsquo;s not forget about that. I told Angel that all you can do is give respect back and she does that. But sometimes she just gets misunderstood. Alam mo naman minsan sa Pilipinas, 'lsquo;pag sinabi mong ayaw mo magsalita, parang inisiip nila na binabastos mo na sila but that'rsquo;s not right also to think that way," he explains.

Even with the success of Magkaribal, Derek says he doesn'rsquo;t have to worry about Angel being uncomfortable or jealous with his provocative scenes with co-stars Bea Alonzo and Gretchen Barretto.'nbsp; "No, hindi siya hipokrita. Angel'rsquo;s already done her share of scenes that were also really intense in Rubi so wala yun, trabaho trabaho lang. Pagkatapos ng trabaho, pag-nag-yell ng 'lsquo;cut!'rsquo; ang director, you go back to the person that you really are with. There'rsquo;s no feelings or emotions behind when we do a bed scene or anything like that. It'rsquo;s not that I'rsquo;m attracted to them in that way, it'rsquo;s not like that," Derek stresses. The hunky actor also dismisses rumors that his family has never approved of Angelica for him. "You know how people are saying she'rsquo;s not close to my family? Not true. We'rsquo;re very good," he says.

In fact, the couple have another big trip planned for the coming holidays. "Angel loved South Africa. We might be there in Christmas with my family. Nothing is concrete yet but the group is planni