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Jake Cuenca on being a sex symbol: I just live up to what the audience wants to see

Jake Cuenca says that showing off his body during fashion shows is pure fun for him but not a priority.



9/22/2010 9:33 AM
Jake Cuenca on being a sex symbol: I just live up to what the audience wants to see

During the recent launch of Bench'rsquo;s newest fragrance line at SM Skydome, Jake Cuenca surprised the audience by taking off his shirt for the fashion show. When asked how he feels knowing that he has become a sex symbol to his multitude of fans, Jake explained that he did it just to please the crowd who came to see him that day. "Ang sa akin I'rsquo;m just happy to do it kasi tinatanong ko yung sarili ko e. As an audience ano yung gusto ko makita? I just live up to that. Masaya lang ako na I give them something memorable, something na hindi ko rin makakalimutan. It'rsquo;s more or less why I do the things that I do," he said in an interview with PUSH.com.

Jake further shared that he used to be self-conscious when it comes to showing off his body in public. But by maintaining a balanced diet and doing regular workouts to be physically fit has now become part of his lifestyle. "Dati naiilang ako. Pero kasi sa ngayon naalagaan ko naman na yung katawan ko, so I am not so pressured anymore. Kasi aminin na natin, dati talaga medyo mataba-taba pa ako, so medyo nakakailang talaga. Yabang na lang talaga yung [pagpapakita ko ng katawan noon], daanin mo na lang sa confidence yun," he recalled with a laugh.

But at the same time, the dashing actor has also considered the possibility that people might come to expect more nudity from him in the future. "Actually nga e. To me, what I did in the Bench Uncut fashion show (where he stripped to his underwear for the finale) was kind of the limit already. I'rsquo;m really going to challenge myself to come up with something new for the next two years. Pero yung totally nude? No, may limitasyon naman ako."

The dashing actor also stressed that acting is still his priority and that he is willing to bare for the right project at the right time. "It depends, if it'rsquo;s for a good role. But I won'rsquo;t do it for the sake of being sexy. It has to be at least a good role at may purpose. They do it in the States all the time though. I did it for the Bench fashion shoot also. I was naked. I don'rsquo;t know, let'rsquo;s see. Sa akin there's no pressure. More than anything, for me this is fun. What I really challenge myself into is acting na mas gumaling pa dun," he stated.