Vincent Bueno is not threatened by talented local singers

Vincent Bueno wants to try out a career in the Philippines.

Vincent Bueno is not threatened by talented local singers-ABS-CBN Corporate Communications
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09/21/2010 09:07 AM
Vincent Bueno is not threatened by talented local singers

Vincent Bueno first made a name for himself when he won in Austria’s prestigious singing competition titled Musical! Die Show (The Musical Show) in 2008. Born and raised in Vienna, Austria by his Filipino parents, Vincent recently signed a contract with Star Records in an effort to try his luck in the local music industry. The aspiring singer will soon go back to Austria to finish his remaining commitments before he comes back to the Philippines to try local showbiz.

He may be a budding star back in Austria, but Vincent explained that he is also aware that there is a bottleneck competition in the Philippine music industry because of talented performers. However, the doe-eyed lad clarified that he is not bothered because his sole purpose for being in the country is not just because he wanted to establish a singing career. “The thing is, I see myself, like when I speak to you, guys, iba talaga ang behavior ko,” he said, referring to his being raised in another country. “I see myself having a mission here also. Giving some of my culture that I experienced in Europe, that I also share to you. Kasi it is not just about competing. [Your] whole life is a competition. You have to beat it. But I personally believe that if you stay focused on yourself and you know what you can do and you are able to do, nobody can threaten you and nobody can get you off-track kasi alam mo ang kaya mo.

Vincent named Sarah Geronimo as the one he has a crush on because she has not only talent, but a pleasant personality as well. “Personally, I really, really admire the girl because she has a professionalism na really good and I appreciate it. She's pretty and she's focused on her work. I think I still don't know her, I just say ‘hello’ and ‘bye’ to her but I think she is the kind of girl that has her values kasi sumusunod siya sa mama at papa niya and I think that's a very, very important quality that girls in this time should still have.”

Vincent said that Sarah also remains grounded despite of her success. “I really appreciate her work and I like how she is and how she does it. And she's very successful here, come on, you have to reach that to be…In a way I think she's unreachable. But I also feel that she wants to reach out to people.”

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