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Mariel Rodriguez: I dont deserve the disrespect of some people

Mariel Rodriguez refuses to be affected by negative feedback.

Rachelle Siazon


09/21/2010 08:54 AM
Mariel Rodriguez: I dont deserve the disrespect of some people

Mariel Rodriguez has decided to refrain from tweeting about her thoughts and what'rsquo;s keeping her busy as she'rsquo;s caught in the midst of various controversies. Her whirlwind romance with boyfriend Robin Padilla plus her rift with Toni Gonzaga have generated lots of negative feedback and she wants to put a stop to it by keeping mum on the issues.

"Hay!!!! I decided to remove my 'Uuml;bertwitter and Twitter for Blackberry applications from my [phone] because I can't take and I don't deserve the disrespect of some [people]. It'rsquo;s not like they made me go to school or they raised me or they give me shelter or they feed me. 'lsquo;Di ba? Hehehhehe :) so to lessen the stress... Better na 'lsquo;wag na muna. Lalo na wala naman sila alam :)," said the bubbly actress-host in her KText message last Sunday, September 19.

But she was also quick to say that she will continue to update her supporters, but not as constantly as before. "Don't worry I didn't delete my Twitter account. I just deleted the applications from my [phone]. I can still tweet through web and all. Anyway, I'm going to zone out first and just communicate through my KTexts okay? Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Thank you sa lahat ng patuloy na sumusuporta."

She has always been vocal about the fact that Robin is the kind of guy that she has always longed for. And now that her relationship with him is bringing her so much joy and contentment, she'rsquo;s just saddened that others are bent on putting her down. "It'rsquo;s true what they say... When you are happy... People will find away to take that happiness from you. Nagkasabay-sabay na kasi eh. Sunod-sunod. But again... in due time the truth shall prevail'hellip; Aawwww, tingnan mo nga naman ang buhay? 'lsquo;Pag down ka may magpapa-smile sa 'rsquo;yo. Walang iba kung hindi ang LOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!! :)"

In the meantime, Mariel shared that she will definitely miss Robin'rsquo;s 10-year-old son, Ali, who left for Australia yesterday, September 20. According to previous reports, Ali had to go back to his mom Liezl Sicangco since Robin is too busy to take care of him here in Manila. "Sent Ali to the airport already. I will miss him. Stayed in the car. Watched the media run after him... As in chase him... Robin will really, really miss Ali. Today that's the most important issue. I'm putting aside all the other issues and focusing on that."

As to her tiff with Toni, it seems that the 26-year old is still not ready to answer the questions being thrown her way. "When the right time comes maybe I can talk... But there are some that shouldn't be talked about anymore. So I will remain silent," she maintained.

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