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Bianca Gonzalez: I know what is happening in my friends' lives

Bianca Gonzalez believes that Toni Gonzaga and Mariel Rodriguez could still salvage their friendship.



9/18/2010 1:45 AM
Bianca Gonzalez: I know what is happening in my friends' lives

Bianca Gonzalez'rsquo;s discomfort is pretty obvious every time the news about Toni Gonzaga and Mariel Rodriguez'rsquo;s rift gets featured on Showbiz News Ngayon which she co-hosts with Boy Abunda. As the closest friend and acting mediator of the two, Bianca has received lots of inquiries about the whole controversy and how she herself is dealing with it. Coupled with Mariel'rsquo;s surprise Ibaloi wedding with action star Robin Padilla, she has finally decided to say her piece via her KText last September 16.

"A lot of people have been asking me about my opinion on the Toni and Mariel rift, because of the TV Patrol breaking news [last September 15]. A lot of people have also been asking me about the Mariel and Robin Baguio rites, on TV Patrol breaking news [last September 16]. All I can say about both issues is that as a friend who loves Toni and Mariel dearly, I am in touch with them constantly, showing support and love, and I respect the space they need of what they want to keep private, and what they want to make public."

Bianca also admitted that she'rsquo;s actually privy to the details of both issues, but she refrained from sharing what she knows to the public out of respect for the concerned parties. "Of course I know what is happening in my friends' lives. What shocks me is how slowly, it is becoming public; because of course the ideal situation for me is to keep things private." But she'rsquo;s also aware that they all have to speak up sooner or later. "I do understand though that it is part of the business. It'rsquo;s really time that will resolve all this. And when you all find out the real and full story, it'll be clearer and everyone would understand," she stated with much optimism.

And even if Toni seems fed up by whatever her conflict is with Mariel, Bianca believed that the two would eventually go back to being friends again. To prove her point, she event sent a photo which was taken during their first and only out of the country trip together. "I actually have no idea how this picture became public, but this photo of the three of us with super puffy eyes from crying our heart out, was taken one night in Hong Kong (Holy Week of 2007) that we decided to stay in, and just do all-out bonding. We were all single at that time and we all came from painful experiences. I stand by my word, this is a friendship that will last forever," she maintained.

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