Sam Milby nagsampa ng estafa!

Sam Milby nagsampa ng estafa!-EJ Salut
EJ Salut


09/16/2010 08:30 AM
Sam Milby nagsampa ng estafa!

Kahapon ay namataan si Sam Milby sa Pasig City Hall, kung saan umano'y nagsampa ito ng kaso. After PUSH talked to his manager Erickson Raymundo, confirmed na may kaso ngang ifinile ang hunk actor. Sa official statement ng manager :

"Sam filed an estafa case against a private individual yesterday. This pertains to the money received on various occasions, for the repair of Sam's van but which was never done. The money remains unaccounted for, despite repeated demands. The trust that Sam bestowed, has been breached. It is hoped that Sam will obtain redress from the judicial system."