Andi Eigenmann isn't afraid to show her own style

Andi Eigenmann isn't afraid to show her own style-ABS-CBN Corporate Communications
ABS-CBN Corporate Communications


09/16/2010 07:56 AM
Andi Eigenmann isn't afraid to show her own style

As the only daughter of acclaimed actress Jaclyn Jose, Andi Eigenmann has some pretty big shoes to fill. But based on the success of her fantasy drama Agua Bendita, it looks like that won’t be much of a problem for the pretty 20-year old. Now a confident rising actress and model, Andi admits it’s a far cry from her days as a shy teen when she first came out in the afternoon soap Prinsesa ng Banyera in 2008. “One of the things that I’ve learned as part of the Star Magic family and in this industry is that I really grew to be a more confident lady. I’ve learned a lot here. I’ve learned to make friends, to be confident and to be able to carry myself in front of crowds or a lot of people and I really learned to love entertaining people so much,” she says. Andi feels that being a Kapamilya has really helped her hone her skills as an artist. “Masaya ako na part ako ng pamilyang ito. Ito ang isa sa mga pinaka-pinasasalamatan ko sa Diyos na parte ako sa Star Magic and it’s so wonderful to be here. To belong to Star Magic and to still be as happy as I used to be three years ago. I’m really thankful to be a part of this,” she adds

Another thing that Andi has been able to develop while in showbiz is her individual style. She was able to show this during this year’s annual Star Magic Ball held last Sept 6. “This year, I went as myself, yung medyo grunge and rock ang dating, but at the same time, still classy. I love my dress because its entirely me. For this year, it’s all about my style,” she shares. As the image model for a major department store, Andi feels humbled and blessed to have been chosen as the face of the clothing line. “Of course it’s such an honor to be an ambassadress for The Ramp, Crossings specifically. It’s a well-known brand, especially since its one of the best local brands in the Philippines and at the same time they just have good quality and they have good prices as well,” she says.

Unlike her high school days when she was active playing Ultimate Frisbee with her half-brother Sid Lucero and cousins Ryan and Geoff Eigenmann, this Fashion Design freshman student at the College of St. Benilde admits she now prefers to focus on honing her writing skills and bonding with friends. “I don’t really do sports anymore. When I have a free day or extra time, I just write. I love arts. I also like hanging out with my friends especially if I know I won’t be able to do that more often especially when I have a regular show. I like spending my time doing that,” she says. Andi says her closest friends in showbiz are sisters Megan and Lauren Young and Isabelle Abiera. “We’re really close. As in we’ve known each other from the start. They were my first friends when I was new in Star Magic. Up to know we’re still as tight as we used to be and I love them,” she shares.

Andi is also ready to start working on two upcoming movie projects with Regal Films, one rumored to be the remake of the 1980s film Temptation Island and the other, a Metro Manila Filmfest entry, a new Shake, Rattle and Roll installment.