MYX VJ Julz Savard enjoys sporting a red hair

Julz Savard clarifies she didn't color her hair red just to catch attention and win in the MYX VJ Search 2010.



8/6/2010 8:35 AM
MYX VJ Julz Savard enjoys sporting a red hair

Julz Savard is still on cloud nine after her victory in the MYX VJ Search 2010. Julz, together with Ton Vergel De Dios and Robin Nievera are the new additional hosts for MYX music channel. The 18-year-old Creative Writing student from Ateneo said being a MYX VJ is a job that she really wanted to do. “When they opened the Search, I saw the list of qualities they were looking for, like someone who’s outgoing, talkative, etc, and I believe I have all the qualities and also that I am spunky. I think that really shows. I also have an ‘in your face’ kind of attitude which I still carry with class.”

Julz easily stood out from the 12 finalists with her height and red hair. Her natural hair color is light brown, and she clarified that she didn’t color her hair red just for the VJ Search. “This is not my natural hair color. If it weres, then that would be wonderful, ha ha ha! My hair is light brown and I colored it red a month before I auditioned. I didn’t do it for MYX.”

However, now that Julz is beginning to be recognized by people especially because of her red hair, she might keep hew new hair color. “I never intended it to be my trademark, but it eventually became it because a lot of people begun comparing me to Hayley Williams (of Paramore) and other stars who have red hair. If people really like my red hair, then I’ll keep it.”

Julz was very happy that her folks were very supportive all throughout the VJ Search. “My mom was always there. Naging friend na nga niya lahat ng finalist. Sobra na niyang love si Ton at si Robin. Para ko na silang brothers. My parents are separated na nung bata pa ako. My dad lives in the States but he knows about the competition and he’s was supportive of me. He was very proud when he heard I won.”

Aside from having a knack for hosting, Julz is also musically inclined, being a part of Ateneo’s musicians’ pool where she sings. She believes that being a musician is a big plus factor in working as a MYX VJ. “I think dagdag factor na you are a musician because when we’re talking in front of the camera we can let the viewers know where we are coming from and that we know what we’re talking about.”

The former 2006 Ms. Teen Philippines just broke up with her boyfriend, her very first relationship, which lasted for two years. “It was sort of a bad breakup. Pero six months ago pa ‘yun so sobrang move on na ako. It’s okay kasi at least naranasan ko rin magka-boyfriend,” she revealed. Though single at the moment, Julz is not in a hurry to be in a relationship because for now her priority is her new job as a MYX VJ.