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MYX VJ Ton Vergel De Dios thinks rockers have a strong sex appeal

MYX VJ Ton Vergel De Dios wants to incorporate his rock band experience into his new job as a MYX VJ.



8/4/2010 9:39 AM
MYX VJ Ton Vergel De Dios thinks rockers have a strong sex appeal

Ton Vergel De Dios is very happy now that he is working as a new MYX VJ, he can broaden his horizon in terms of music. “In the beginning hindi ko talaga naisip na mananalo ako. But I really want to give it a try. As a musician alam ko kasing being a MYX VJ is along my avenue. If you ask any vocalist or band member out there, they more likely would want to be a VJ, too. My bands have been playing sa mga MYX events and I saw how MYX is supporting OPM kaya gusto ko talagang maging part ng MYX.”

Ton plays for two rock bands at the moment; one is named Hansom where he sings while his two brothers play instruments and the other group is called Tonight We Sleep where he is the lead guitarist. Whenever he and Hansom would perform in a gig, they would often be likened by fans to the Jonas Brothers, especially that Ton sports long, wavy hair like Joe Jonas. “Actually lots of people see us like Jonas Brothers or Hanson. Pero kapag narinig niyo kaming tumugtog you will find out na mas maingay ang music namin kesa sa Jonas,” he clarified. Ton named Juan Dela Cruz Band, Kamikazee, and Parokya ni Edgar as among his music idols.

When asked if he believes that guys in rock bands, especially vocalists, have a natural sex appeal, Ton laughingly agreed. “Definitely meron. Ha ha ha! Siguro it’s in the performance. The audience really sees the passion, the energy, tipong tumutulo na ‘yung pawis. Tsaka by virtue of being on stage, nakatingala sa iyo ‘yung mga tao. But in a way you try to connect to each and every fan.”

The 21-year old said he is flattered that because of MYX, he is becoming famous and fans have been approaching  him for photo ops. “Kakaiba ‘yung experience kapag nasa banda ka lang people sort of respect your privacy as an artist. Pero kapag VJ ka you should also get close with the fans. You allow them to get to know you more.”

However, Ton said that his girlfriend of two years has nothing to worry about regarding his girl fans. He described her as being supportive of his every endeavor. “Two years na kami. I met her in college. She’s been very supportive of whatever I do. Itong lahat ng ito bago kasi sa akin so we can expect big changes sa buhay namin. She’s not worried naman. Or she doesn’t tell me, ha ha ha!”

Catch VJ Ton on My MYX, Pop MYX, Rock MYX, and Take 5.

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