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Denise Laurel talks about keeping herself physically fit for her roles

Denise Laurel shares some beauty tips on how to look sexy on- and off-screen.



8/17/2010 9:58 AM
Denise Laurel talks about keeping herself physically fit for her roles

With her dramatic prowess and sultry looks, it’s no surprise why Denise Laurel has been fielding a lot of TV projects lately. Although she has no trouble projecting a sexy image in her various roles in Precious Hearts Romances, the young actress revealed that it takes some discipline and hard work to keep herself physically fit. “It was not really a requirement. But on the last day of Bud Brothers, Rafael (Rosell) and I made a pact na when we start taping Midnight Phantom, bongga na. And on the last day of Midnight Phantom, when we stopped in the middle of the project, Raf and I made a pact again na pagdating ng Kristine Series level up na naman. We really wanted to look good for our roles,” she began.

Denise further shared that she’s really athletic by nature, but there was a time when she gained some weight. “I didn’t even know I was fat until I saw my pictures. Kasi I gained it so fast. I gained 20 pounds in a span of a month kasi I was travelling a lot. I went to Spain, China, Vietnam, Thailand, everywhere, so kain lang talaga ako ng kain. Ang sarap ng buhay. Nasobrahan sa happiness siguro. But now I’m back to my Abt Ur Luv days na weight. I am 98 pounds which is sakto lang for my height. I make sure that I eat everything that I want pero in moderation.”

But instead of flaunting her curves by wearing sexy outfits, Denise claimed that she prefers to keep her clothes simple when she’s not working. “I feel very awkward and shy sometimes about the stuff I wear on the set because I’m not used to wearing short skirts. Jeans and t-shirt are always my staple or I just wear a nice polo shirt and I tie it. Heels lang talaga ang nagdadala sa akin. On screen, I have been blessed with directors. They really make me look good, they light me well, they make sure na it’s up to my limitations.”

If she could give any beauty tips to women out there, Denise shared that the key to looking pretty is to smell good and to be confident about oneself. “I just make sure that I smell good or that I look like I took a bath that morning. It’s also important that I feel comfortable with myself. Because I’m the type na wash and wear, throw on whatever I see on my closet then I’m good to go. I don’t spend a lot of my time thinking about what I should wear. Ganun lang,” she beamed.