Cesca Litton hopes to separate work from her personal life

Cesca Litton hopes to separate work from her personal life-ABS-CBN Corporate Communications
ABS-CBN Corporate Communications


08/12/2010 08:16 AM
Cesca Litton hopes to separate work from her personal life

After her recent admission that she and Jericho Rosales are a couple, Cesca Litton is aware that it would be hard to avoid press people getting curious about her relationship with the actor. And her being a host/reporter of showbiz-oriented programs only makes her a likely target for entertainment reporters.

However, the SNN field reporter said that though it may seem hard, she will still try to separate her work from her personal life. “I don’t think you can ever separate it. Well as much as possible, I will try to, because my family isn’t exactly in the industry and I would like to keep a part of my life private as well. I don’t know, we’ll see,” she said.

Being a showbiz personality, Cesca said that she understands if her showbiz contemporaries are eager to get news about her love life. Still, she is hopeful to overcome this challenge and spare her private life from unwanted controversies. “It’s hard. It’s part of my job but as long as I keep my priorities, as long as I know my priorities as long as I hold on to my faith, to my beliefs, hold on to my religion, to my love for God, everything will be okay,” she said optimistically. “We will always have problems, it’s just really how you handle certain things. And the way I handle things right now, I really have to hold on to my love for God.”