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Bret Jackson is proudly Pinoy

From family to music to PBB, Bret Jackson is eager for everything Filipino.

Bret Jackson is proudly Pinoy-ABS-CBN Corporate Communications
ABS-CBN Corporate Communications


07/08/2010 08:13 AM
Bret Jackson is proudly Pinoy

“I have one real mother, and her name is Michelle.” If there was one thing former Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 housemate Bret Jackson consistently stated with conviction, it was this. “She’s really got to be given a lot of credit,” said Bret proudly of his real mom, Michelle. “Teenagers are really hard to deal with, especially if you’re just meeting them. It was so hard for her, but she tried every day. She gave her best for me, always. She would help me with school; she would help me with everything!’

Bret grew up in America where he had a painful childhood with his biological mother, an alcoholic who would hit him. His only source of comfort was his stuffed bear. “I had a biological mom, but I never felt like I really had a mom,” shared Bret. It has been eight years since they last had any kind of contact.

“A lot of things happened and I don’t hold a grudge against her. But it’s hard talking after eight years, you know? She doesn’t know anything about the Philippines. She doesn’t know what’s happening to me at all. She pretty much told me that she never wanted to see me again. It’s so hard to talk about her, really. But it’s okay, I’m able to talk about it.”

He was 13 years old when his father finally got custody of him and he found himself with a whole new family. He has a lot of cousins on his mom’s side, and he is proud of the bond they share. “We’re really close. No division at all. They’re always in my house, as in always. We sleep in the same bed, we eat together. I give them stuff all the time and I’m always teaching them guitar.” His dad, who shares the same name as Bret, also shares his passion with music. “Me and my dad, we’re so close. It’s really amazing. He plays trumpets. He taught me everything I know about music.”

Bret loves composing his own music, and has showcased several during his stint in PBB. His efforts did not go unnoticed, and he now looks forward to being a MYX VJ. Bret is confident that fame wouldn’t get to his head. “I’ll always be the little humble boy from a little place in the Philippines. The only thing that will change is that I can now share my music with the world.” The gossip that goes hand-in-hand with a showbiz career doesn’t faze him. “They can pry as much as they want. I don’t have any secrets. Yes, I have a lot of hurt in the past, but I’m ready to talk about it. There’s no reason not to.”

The best advice Bret got from Kuya probably has a lot to do with this. “The best advice Kuya gave me was to believe in myself. I really didn’t believe in myself before, and now that I do, it’s a whole different thing. My eyes are seeing differently now.”

If other Filipinos long for that American dream, Bret Jackson is happy to be living the Pinoy life. Fluent in Visayan and updated with the OPM scene, Bret is eager to take every opportunity that comes his way. “Even the Philippines takes me in as Filipino!”