Robin Nievera hopes to become a good host like his father someday

Robin Nievera hopes to become a good host like his father someday-ABS-CBN Corporate Communications
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07/27/2010 09:53 AM
Robin Nievera hopes to become a good host like his father someday

Robin Nievera, the son of Pops Fernandez and Martin Nievera, is grateful to his supporters who helped him become one of the three winners of this year’s MYX VJ Search. “Thank you so much, you don’t know how much it means to me and I’m going to make it up by speaking in Tagalog soon. Thank you,” said the grateful Robin, or Roberto Martin Nievera in real life. Aside from Robin, VJ Julz (Juliann Savard) and VJ Ton (Jose Antonio Vergel de Dios) are the other two newest MYX VJs.

Robin admitted that being a VJ is one of his dreams, aside from singing and writing songs. He said that he auditioned on his own and only told his parents about it after he made it as one of the 12 finalists. Pops and Martin said in separate interviews that they felt proud of Robin that he got to the finals and became even prouder when he told them that he would like to do this on his own even if they offered to help him.

For his part, Robin is aware that his victory will be tainted with intrigue by some people but stressed that he made it because he worked hard for it. He also knows that people will always compare him to his famous parents but said that he will still continue what he enjoys doing, such as music and hosting. “I know people will still compare me to my parents. People will always say I’m under their shadows but it’s not about shadows, it’s not about me following my dad but I really enjoy the music scene, singing, writing [and] now VJ-ing so it’s going to be something I really wanted to do,” he pointed out. also asked Robin if he wants to follow the footsteps of his dad as a TV host someday. “Sure! If you ask me [I want to],” he answered. “But let’s see how I do first. I’m not good yet [but] I’m open to that.”