Karylle says she's single and happy

Karylle says she's single and happy-ABS-CBN Corporate Communications
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07/24/2010 09:47 PM
Karylle says she's single and happy

Karylle shared that she may be currently single, but she is having the time of her life. While currently working on her next album, the singer started to get into running last January and opportunities related to the sport started to come her way. Karylle told ABS-CBN.com that she will soon host a sports show on Studio 23. “I’ve been running a lot lately. The main purpose of that really is so that I could sing and dance. That’s very hard. I’m trying to do that. So whenever I’m on the track, I do sing.” Recently, Karylle participated and won in a race. “A lot of good things have been happening in connection with that,” she beamed.

She explained further. “I’ve never ever been sporty in my life. But now that I find myself running a lot like thrice a week. Parang I just found so many things to do with it.”

Though she is being linked to SpongeCola band vocalist Yael Yuzon, Karylle clarified that they are not dating and that Yael is just a friend. She said that this is the longest that she has gone being single. “There would be months apart but then not for a long period of time,” she said of her relationships. So this time, she said that she is in no hurry to get into another commitment.