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Carmen Soo loves being in Philippine showbiz

Malaysian star Carmen Soo talks about being part of Star Magic and learning to speak Tagalog.

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05/25/2010 09:13 AM
Carmen Soo loves being in Philippine showbiz

Malaysian star Carmen Soo took part in the celebration of the 18 years of Star Magic held last May 23 on ASAP XV wherein in she did a song and dance production number. Carmen shared that she is happy that doing showbiz in the Philippines enables her to do these kinds of performances. “I’m getting used to it. In Malaysia I don’t get to do these things frequently although I’ve done a couple of theatrical musical productions. We do several rehearsals because I understand they want to perfect the prod number.”

Her last performance in Showtime left a bad memory though. Carmen tripped a couple of times while doing the number and she suffered cuts from the tambourine they used as props in the dance. But the foreign actress said she acknowledges that mishaps can happen in live shows. “I think it’s normal that you encounter an accident especially when you do a live performance. You wear high heels, sometimes the floor is slippery. I still get nervous every time I would do a number but it’s good because it keeps me excited. When I don’t get nervous I think there’s no point in performing anymore, ha ha ha!”

Carmen made her debut on Philippine TV when she was paired with Jericho Rosales in the teleserye Kahit Isang Saglit, a joint project of ABS-CBN and Malaysia’s Double Vision. She went on to do other projects in the Philippines and, according to her, she will be staying for a much longer time. “I’ll be here for a few months. For now though my priority is Wowowee. My biggest project so far is my Tagalog lessons, ha ha ha! For now, konti lang, ha ha ha! I still can’t speak that much Tagalog. I can only pick up a few words.”

Now that she’s co-hosting the noontime show Wowowee, believes she needs to be more fluent in Tagalog so she can converse with the audience of the program. “In Wowowee I understand a bit of what the people are saying, but I get lost when they start speaking very fast. I would tell them, ‘Please slow down!’ Most of them I think know that I don’t speak Tagalog that much that’s why when they come to me they talk to me in English. Salamat po!”

Carmen’s showbiz career in the Philippines will primarily be handled by Star Magic, the talent management arm of ABS-CBN. She shared that being a talent of Star Magic enables her to meet new friends considering she is still starting to adjust in the life here in the country. “I’ve been with Star Magic for a year now and I’m very proud to be a part of their family. I’m thankful they made me a part of their 18th anniversary celebration on ASAP XV. I have a few friends in Star Magic. I’m close to Maricar (Reyes) and Bettina (Carlos). Sometimes we go out and watch movies. I also know other artists. Everyday it’s like I would get to know new people so it’s a chance to have more friends.”

Carmen also appears on the cover of Metro Magazine’s May issue.