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V Factory opens up about their musical beginnings and the current state of their love lives.

Asher Book, Jared Murillo, Nick Teti, and Nathaniel Flatt talk about their individual achievements and the status of their love life.



5/15/2010 1:54 AM
V Factory opens up about their musical beginnings and the current state of their love lives.

For a boy band on the rise, the members of V Factory are surprisingly open about the details of their lives. When ABS-CBN.com caught up with them for an exclusive interview last May 13, they were very comfortable talking about their music and even some personal stuff. It was also obvious that they were thrilled to be in Manila since they kept on taking videos and photos of the places they were visiting as well as the people they met.

In the meantime, here are V Factory’s members and a few updates about what’s going on in their lives right now:

Asher Book (21-years old and “not dating right now”) Born and raised in Virginia, Asher had his first brush with fame when he landed a role in Broadway’s version of Beauty and the Beast as the tiny teacup Chip. “I started in Broadway when I was seven years old. I lived in New York on the East Coast and then I came to L.A. to pursue my acting and singing career. I’ve been with these guys (V Factory) for the last three years.” He also starred as Marco in the 2009 remake of Fame where he met U.S.-based Filipina actress Anna Maria Perez de Tagle. “I do know her very well. It was great working with her. She's a fun, lovely girl. I think she's working on some Disney shows right? So yeah, we still keep in touch with the whole cast once in a while.”

Jared Murillo (21-years old, currently dating Fame co-star Ashley Gavan)
Born in Laeii, Hawaii, Jared has always been musically-inclined as a kid until he got into ballroom dancing, even winning a national championship in 1994. That was when his career took off when he was tapped to be one of the principal dancers in the High School Musical franchise. He’s also known as Ashley Tisdale’s ex-boyfriend with whom he has remained good friends. “Yeah, we still keep in touch. I see her every now and then. We still keep track of each other. We've been together for three years so we definitely have a bond. Right now, I’m kind of dating here and there but nothing serious.”

Nick Teti (26-years old, single and “loves Filipino women”)
Originally from Pennsylvania, Nick said that he started singing since he was in grade school and became active in musical theater when he was in high school. He moved to California in 2006 with the hopes of turning his musical inclination into a career. Nick used to be part of Quest Crew (America’s Best Dance Crew Season 3 winner), but he continued to perform with V Factory instead. “(Joining V Factory) was actually just a random audition with a bunch of other crew who're connected with the project. This kind of took off and I was talking to the guys (Quest Crew) about it and they were all like, ‘Okay, do your thing,’ since the show (ABDC) hadn’t taken off yet. And by the time that it did, I was already touring with V Factory so I couldn’t be shown in Quest Crew anymore.” He also teaches dance at Millennium when he’s not touring or doing band stuff.

Nathaniel Flatt (28-years old, single and available)
He was only five years old when he saw a musical production of Peter Pan, but he knew from that moment on that he would become a star someday. So he moved from Tennessee to L.A. to pursue his dreams by appearing in various commercials. Surprisingly though, Nathaniel is not a huge fan of television and is more of a bookworm. He loves to read non-fiction books like The Secret, The Power of Kabbalah, and You’ll Never Eat In This Town Again. “I also enjoy cooking and taking yoga.” Nathaniel is a fan of popular Filipino artists like Lea Salonga and even met Regine Velasquez once in the States. “Yeah, I did a show with her when she was in America and she's amazing to work with.”