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  • As he steps out of the house, get a quick peek into Potz's thoughts before getting into the PBB house.

Potz still manages a smile despite getting the boot

As he steps out of the house, get a quick peek into Potz's thoughts before getting into the PBB house.

Potz still manages a smile despite getting the boot-ABS-CBN Corporate Communications
ABS-CBN Corporate Communications


04/25/2010 12:44 AM
Potz still manages a smile despite getting the boot

Romeo Jalosjos, known more as the cheerful Potz, is the latest evictee of Kuya’s house. As he returns to the outside world, he brings with him fond memories of his new friends and perhaps, a new inspiration.

Before joining PBB, Potz’s only idea of it was a bunch of people having to live together in one house. His auditioning for a spot was an unplanned opportunity. “I auditioned because I had a friend with me. In-invite niya ako. Sabi niya he was alone and needed some company.” To keep his friend relaxed, Potz entertained him with jokes and stories the whole time. A twist of fate, and Potz was the one who got the slot. It was only after the fact that he decided to accept and make the most of his good fortune. He was not after the prize money or fame. Just like many teens, he was in search of his identity. Coming from a known political family, Potz wanted to show who he was, stripped of all the trappings. “I realized it was my chance to get out of my family’s shadow.” He had no concrete plan on how to do it, but optimistically, he decided that he’d just go in and improvise.

Even before the PBB launch, Potz already saw everything as a big adventure. Because the housemates had to be hidden before the allotted time, they were sneaked in and around their holding venue. They were called on at odd hours, often not the best of times. Instead of getting irritated, Potz eagerly took all of it in. “Parang spy, nakakatuwa!”

Though he grew up with a privileged lifestyle, Potz had no qualms about mingling with different people. Having gone to different schools, he already was used to getting along with anyone. “I’ve dealt with different kinds of people, actually. I’ve been to a lot of different schools. In high school, I haven’t had the same school for two straight years. There was even a year that I went to a public school. I’ve mixed with a lot of people already. It’s not really different for me anymore,“ he explained.

He has exhibited this inside the house, where he wouldn’t hold back from taking that first step to reach out. He wanted to be known as the housemate who was energetic and happy. “May pagka-peacemaker guy kasi ako. ‘Yung happy lang.” He was averse to people whose main objective was to win at all costs, one who took everything too seriously. As happy as he wanted to be, though, opportunities to show another side of him presented themselves. Potz revealed his soft side for a complete family, sharing his ultimate dream of having both parents hug him. He also showed his need to be needed and his search for a special person to turn his affections to.

In the end, Potz was just Potz. He was not regarded as the political son or anything else. In that, one could probably say he achieved what he came in for: a chance to be himself.