Joe shares his views on “One More Chance”, 'Single Ladies”, and being inside Kuya's house.

Joe shares his views on “One More Chance”, 'Single Ladies”, and being inside Kuya's house.-ABS-CBN Corporate Communications
ABS-CBN Corporate Communications


04/24/2010 05:02 PM
Joe shares his views on “One More Chance”, 'Single Ladies”, and being inside Kuya's house.

Genesis Vargas, better known as Joe for his African-American looks, stands out from the roster of housemates. His easygoing smile and witty behavior had the cameras riveted to him and his antics. Ijn his original house, he easily teamed up with Eslove and Shey, being called “Papa Bear” by them. When he was moved to the Apartment, the teens cheered “We got Joe!” and again, it didn’t take too long for him to find his niche in the group.

Joe’s hyperactive behavior is definitely not an act. The day before he entered the PBB house, he could hardly sleep from anticipation. “Excited sobra, as in, kinakabahan pa,” he giddily shared. Being a housemate in Kuya’s house was a dream come true for him. He has been a fan of the show since its first season and has been imagining how he would be if he were inside. “Noong una pa lang na PBB, gusto ko na talaga. Sinasabi ko nga kay Mama, ‘Ma, makakapasok din ako diyan,” Joe said. He has been dreaming auditioning for the previous season, but it was only now that he got in. Thankfully, dreams do come true. “Nangangarap lang ako, tapos eto na pala. Grabe, nakaktuwa!”

His being tagged the “Swabeng Komikero” was probably the result of his last audition. Given the directive “Impress me”, he danced the complete choreography of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. The dance was actually a repeat performance already, something that he performed in his school’s dance contest. “Parang patok po e, nagkagulo silang lahat,” he proudly narrated. Joe is a natural comedian, with great comic timing and witty comments. A showbiz career is not far from his dreams. “Gusto ko kasi bawat lakad ko, pinagtitinginan ako e,” he joked, straight-faced. He sees himself trying his hand at drama, following the footsteps of the leads in his all-time favorite movie, “One More Chance”. The movie was such a personal fave that he would not only spend countless hours watching it over and over, but would also invite other friends to watch with him. “Astig e, katotohanan ang pag-arte nila. Pati sitwasyon, katotohanan,” he gushed. Joe knows the entire script by heart and would willingly re-enact the entire movie if asked. It comes as no surprise, then, that his top pick to play across him is Bea Alonzo. The pretty Anne Curtis is also another celeb pick.

Joe’s background is far from smooth and easy, though his demeanor would make one assume otherwise. As a housemate, he would want to be that one who gives joy to others, who doesn’t become the cause of sadness. “Walang pagkukuhanan ng lungkot sa akin. Gusto ko maging housemate na pwedeng sabihan ng nararamdaman. ‘Yung parang tagapayo,” he says decidedly.

So far, Joe has lived up to his image, bringing laughter wherever he goes. On the other hand, he has also shown his soft side to Kuya, as he shed tears over his former housemates. Endearing and hardworking, there is definitely much to look forward to with Joe in the house.