Baron Geisler wishes William Martinez a complete recovery

Baron Geisler prays for William Martinez's health while the latter's daughter continues her sexual harassment suit against him.



12/21/2010 7:45 AM
Baron Geisler wishes William Martinez a complete recovery

Baron Geisler will play a gay role in the New Year episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya. Baron'rsquo;s past gay roles have won him prestigious awards for his superb performance, particularly for the indie film, Jay. But contrary to his previous discreet gay roles, his upcoming MMK episode is much bolder because Baron will play a transvestite.

The versatile actor explained that he will be a cross-dresser who will get romantically involved with a real woman, to be played by Jewel Mische. Baron explained the last time he dressed up as a woman was in the movie Jologs (2002) and added that he still finds it difficult to play the part.

Baron also denied the issue that he has been drinking on the set of the movie that he is currently working on. "Walang nangyaring ganon. I don'rsquo;t drink at all. That'rsquo;s my job [and] I don'rsquo;t want to bastardize it, drinking or doing anything na hindi dapat," he clarified.

He also said that he heard about the news that William Martinez suffered a mild stroke last November and is currently under treatment. William'rsquo;s daughter Patricia had filed a sexual harassment against Baron. "Sincerely, I feel bad na rin na nabalitaan ko (about William'rsquo;s stroke). Tinanong ko nga kung saan, I think sa Saint Luke'rsquo;s (Hospital) pa so I wanted to visit as a tito and kasama sa industriya but hindi ko alam kung tatanggapin n'rsquo;ya so 'lsquo;yung concern ko nandon," Baron related. Before the case against him was filed by William'rsquo;s camp, Baron used to be a close friend of the family. "I hope he gets better na hindi ganun ka-critikal o ka-grabe 'lsquo;yung sakit na dumating sa kanya."

For fear that the Martinez family might not appreciate his concern, Baron said that he would rather not attempt to reach out. "Baka makadagdag. Andami niyang pinagdadaanan baka makadagdag pa, baka magalit pa 'lsquo;yun." He added that he will just pray for the continuous recovery of William.

This Christmas, Baron said that he will have a simple celebration with his family. He also said that one of his Christmas wish is that the cases filed against him, most of them being sexual harassment, would be dismissed.