Sam Milby shares why he wants to travel all over the world


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12/19/2010 10:00 PM
Sam Milby shares why he wants to travel all over the world

Before entering showbiz, Sam Milby spent his growing up years in Dayton, Ohio. Now, this Star Magic heartthrob spends most of his days on the road, entertaining his fans from countries like Japan, Guam, London, and Ireland. This works just fine for the Fil-Am actor as he is able to combine work and pleasure because of his love for travel.

As the cover story in Star Studio'rsquo;s Travel Special Collector'rsquo;s Edition, Sam talks about his newfound love for photography and how the most memorable places he'rsquo;s visited. "That'rsquo;s the best thing about my job. I love traveling, even for work. It like going on a paid vacation," he says in the Star Studio interview. When he is on tour abroad, Sam shares that he looks forward to their days off so he can explore. "Normally, we have at least one day to ourselves in which we do some sightseeing, or shopping. Pero hindi din masyado because we do a show, then lilipat kami (to the next city), do a show, then move on to the next. Usually the free day comes at the end of the whole tour. And that'rsquo;s when I go and do my thing," he shares.

The 26-year-old, who is set to do a movie with KC Concepcion by next year, admits that Japan tops his list as one of the best places he'rsquo;s ever been to. "I like Japan. The people are very honest. You can leave your wallet anywhere, no matter what happens, you'rsquo;ll get it back kahit paano. And when you'rsquo;re in Japan, you don'rsquo;t even tip. They actually find it offensive," he adds in Star Studio Travel Specials cover story.

Because of all his trips, Sam also discovered a love for photography, specifically landscape photography. Sam got the idea from Diether Ocampo. "When I take pictures, I am normally not in them. When I go around, I take pictures of just the view and the scenery," he says. Among the places on Sam'rsquo;s travel wish list right now is the scenic countryside of Scotland and exotic-looking Monaco. In the Philippines, Sam would love to get the chance to visit the luxury beach resort of Amanpulo in Palawan. "I heard it'rsquo;s really nice there," he says.

This Christmas, Sam still hopes he can fix his schedule in order to squeeze in a quick trip to Ohio to spend the holidays with his family.

Read more of Sam and other celebrities travels abroad in Star Studio'rsquo;s Travel Special Collector'rsquo;s Edition available in news stands and bookstores nationwide.