Kyle Amor doesn't want to be labeled as a typical 'Amboy'

Kyle Amor wants to become more fluent in Tagalog first before he fully explores acting.



12/18/2010 7:24 PM
Kyle Amor doesn't want to be labeled as a typical 'Amboy'

Kyle Amor left his family and the comfortable life he had in the US to pursue showbiz in the Philippines. The price though of his decision is living alone and spending the coming Christmas away from loved ones. In an interview with during the rehearsals for ShoutOut, Kyle explained why he cried like a baby in one episode of Music Uplate Live when he received a phone call from his mother in the States. “That was very embarrassing! Ha ha ha! But that was real. I was surprised because I haven’t heard my mom’s voice for a long time. I barely had the time to chat with her online. Kaya when I heard her voice I was very emotional.”

While working as a graphic artist in Los Angeles, Kyle was also interested in performing. He would often upload on YouTube videos of himself singing, and that’s how he got discovered and was encouraged to try showbiz in the Philippines. “I got introduced to Erickson Raymundo, the manager of Sam Milby, during one of the Heartthrobs tour in the States. I’ve been here a year and a half na.”

Kyle started modeling for fashion show, print ads, and TV commercials. Since he has a good singing voice and can play musical instruments, he was made part of the band 3 AM with fellow showbiz newbie James Torres and Mica Caldito. The band just signed a contract with Star Records and they are about to finish their debut album set for release next year. They were also seen playing friends and band mates to Sam Milby’s character in the teleserye Idol.

Kyle, who still has difficulty speaking straight Tagalog, recounted his experience doing Idol. “Learning the lines was pretty hard. Sometimes they would just cut my lines, ha ha ha! But it was still a good experience. I still continue with my Tagalog lessons along with other workshops under Star Magic.”

Before coming home to the Philippines, Kyle already had an idea how people can be cynical towards English-speaking cute boys from the US who would only come to Manila thinking they could have an express pass to showbiz. “Medyo natakot ako nung una. But this is really what I love. I wanted to get in the business on my own terms. Ayoko na biglaan lahat and mabilis. People will just look at me and say, ‘Who is this Amboy thinking he can become famous instantly?!’ I want to take my time. But I guess it was God’s will that things came in a rush.”

When told that he would be part of the Tuesdelicious group of ShoutOut, Kyle was very excited because the program would give him the chance to do his first, which is performing. For now he would like to learn to be more fluent in Tagalog before he can try acting. “I would watch ABS-CBN shows, read Tagalog children’s books. I would ask Sam for advice. He would tell me that whenever I encounter a Tagalog word that I don’t understand, I should write it down and research what it means.”