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Nyoy Volante claims his issue with Nina is already finished

Nyoy Volante says he has already settled matters with ex-girlfriend Nina.

Bernie Franco


11/05/2010 08:21 AM
Nyoy Volante claims his issue with Nina is already finished

Nyoy Volante said that the issue with Nina is already over and done with, even as many members of the press still ask him about the P1.4 million that he allegedly owed his ex-girlfriend since 2005. "Wala na, eh. Kung may lalabas na issue ia-address right now, lahat naman ng tinatanong sa atin are based on what happened pero wala namang bagong nangyayari," Nyoy began at the press conference for Jovit Baldivino'rsquo;s November 13 concert at the Aliw Theater, where Nyoy is the musical director. "These are all very old news. Kung meron mang naghahalungkat nito from the past, definitely hindi na sa amin galing ito."

The singer also clarified that he has paid Nina, although he did not specify if it was in full or not. "I don'rsquo;t think it'rsquo;s appropriate for anyone to say na hindi nagbayad, eh or that the amount is still that and that it'rsquo;s not coming to a resolution. It'rsquo;s very, very wrong for anyone to assume that it'rsquo;s not being taken care of. Dahil sa totoo lang dapat nakakulong na ako ngayon, dapat if there was anything against me dapat ako 'lsquo;yung nagtatago. Since andito ako it means that [inaayos na]. A few technicalities will always fall in certain areas. Since lahat ng taong nasa paligid mo gumagawa ng paraan para ayusin, I think kung gusto mong ayusin maaayos mo." 'nbsp;

He confessed that his career has been deeply affected because of the said issue. Between him and Nina, Nyoy has been the one who was more reluctant to discuss the matter, justifying that publicly speaking about the controversy is not the proper avenue to solve it. "I would like to appeal to the people, no one in particular, the people who claim na 'lsquo;di pa inaayos ito, tama na huwag na nating sabihin 'lsquo;yon because hindi totoo na it'rsquo;s not being taken care of."

He added that if other people, such as his friends talk to defend him, he should not be blamed because these are statements that did not come from him. "Because I really don'rsquo;t want to talk about this. I don'rsquo;t want to discuss about this. I believe this situation will take care of itself in its own time. "So kung meron man huwag na lang akong sisihin n'rsquo;yo kung may nagsasalita because I don'rsquo;t even care about this. I care about it in the sense na inaasikaso ko 'lsquo;yung mga kailangan kong asikasuhin pero as far as I'rsquo;m concerned this issue is dead to me."

The singer also told Push.com.ph that he tried to reach out to Nina'rsquo;s camp to properly address the matter but his effort has fallen on deaf ears. "I have tried to communicate, definitely. I have tried to communicate. Na-lose na lang 'lsquo;yung interest ko in trying to communicate, in trying to work it out because I don'rsquo;t even think they want to. It'rsquo;s really tiring for me to always try to appeal for a better situation. Right now, pinakamaganda (kung) kanya-kanya na lang muna."