MYX VJ Bianca Roque talks about her music idol Rico Blanco

Bianca Roque is impressed by Rico Blanco's versatility not only in the music scene, but in showbiz as well.



11/4/2010 7:28 AM
MYX VJ Bianca Roque talks about her music idol Rico Blanco

With the upcoming MYX Mo! concert on November 18, VJ Bianca Roque admitted that she has always had a blast seeing the best of OPM bands gathered together in one spectacular music event. "It'rsquo;s my third time to host MYX Mo! More than anything, I'rsquo;m looking forward to the opening act. I remembered the first time I did MYX Mo!, our opening act was Rico Blanco together with an orchestra. They were singing 'lsquo;Yugto.'rsquo; I don'rsquo;t normally finish the song 'lsquo;pag ganyan but when I was listening to him, I had goosebumps talaga. The second one was a tribute to the victims of Typhoon Ondoy. It was like the best of OPM acts since they sang 'lsquo;Bangon.'rsquo; That was a very significant event for me. It was moving on a different level."

But of all the local artists that she has met in the biz, this 25-year-old VJ revealed that she admires Rico Blanco the most because of his creativity and versatility. Not only has he written and produced countless hit songs over the years, but he has reportedly sold over a million albums in Southeast Asia. "I like Rico Blanco. He surprises'mdash;one'mdash;with his ballads and the fact that he suddenly came out with Neon Lights. He has proven himself a real musician with the songs that he wrote. Basically, he left the music scene and came back with a bang. He's very respected in the music industry."

VJ Bianca is also amazed by the fact that Rico'rsquo;s doing well as an actor in the teleserye Imortal. She believes that his decision to join show business doesn'rsquo;t make him less cool. "Rico jumping into acting? Why not? When I saw him in Imortal, my first thought was, 'lsquo;He's actually talking!'rsquo; He's okay and there's so much creativity flowing in his body so I think it just translates into acting. He's normally the mysterious type in the music scene and it'rsquo;s nice that he's acting now because people get to see a different side of him," she added.

Watch out for VJ Bianca on the Myx Mo! 2010 concert event to be held at Mall of Asia concert grounds on November 18. Gold and Silver tickets are available when you buy limited edition "I love MYX" shirts at the SM Boys Teens Wear Department while Bronze tickets can be found in the commemorative issue of MYX Magazine available at 7-11.