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Sharon Cuneta to Aga Muhlach: Pag ako nawala bilang kaibigan, promise, napakalaki kong kawalan

Megastar Sharon Cuneta explains that all she needs is a little 'lambing' from Aga Muhlach to end her 'tampo.'



11/27/2010 11:36 PM
Sharon Cuneta to Aga Muhlach: Pag ako nawala bilang kaibigan, promise, napakalaki kong kawalan

Sharon Cuneta explained at a recent press conference that her issue with Aga Muhlach is something that was blown out of proportion. The Megastar explained that the barb she let out intended for Aga Muhlach during the concert of Ai-Ai de las Alas last November 19 was a joke. "Laglagan 'lsquo;yung concert ni Ai-Ai, hindi po ba?" explained Sharon at the November 26 launch of Loving, the first in her line of perfumes for Zenzest at the Plaza Ibarra in Timog, Quezon City. When it was her turn to perform with Ai-Ai at the Araneta Coliseum last November 19, Ai-Ai supposedly pointed out to the Megastar that Aga was in the audience and Sharon supposedly asked who the guy was, but immediately took it back and said that she was just joking. But days after the incident, columnist Ricky Lo wrote in his interview with Aga that the actor was insulted by Sharon'rsquo;s "joke." The Megastar said the she then called the columnist to explain her side. 'nbsp;

"Feeling ko between me and Aga ito. Lumaki ito nang ganito nagkasakit-sakitan na after the Ricky Lo article. Parang naawa naman ako sa sarili ko so I had to defend myself."

The megastar did not deny the fact that she was already harboring a "tampo" with Aga when she made the joke at the concert. "I really thought while it was going on, I had it all under control na joke lang ito lahat talaga. I mean, give me naman a little credit for not saying on stage na bakit ako galit. Kung talagang galit ako, 'lsquo;pag 'lsquo;di ko na ma-take 'lsquo;yung tampo hamunin ko na lang ng suntukan," she said before laughing. The actress-host refused to detail the cause of her rift with Aga but it supposedly has something to do with their long-overdue second movie that has not yet started production.

Sharon said that she does not like having any rift with any friend so she addressed a message to Aga. "I'rsquo;m quick to say I'rsquo;m sorry if I'rsquo;m wrong so please forgive me if I said something up onstage, but kung hindi mo rin alam kung ba'rsquo;t ako nagtatampo, wala na ba talaga akong halaga sa 'lsquo;yo?" She said that she hopes that their misunderstanding would finally end. She said that she does not want to burn any bridges with Aga and it is now up to Aga to do something if he still wants to save his friendship with her.

"Sana tapos na ito. I think I'rsquo;ve reached out. I'rsquo;ve done my part so Teng (her nickname for Aga), kung may natitira pa akong halaga sa 'lsquo;yo bahala ka na sa gagawin mo. And if this is the end of our friendship after seven years, ganito na lang tayo, nag-uusap sa presscon'hellip; what can I do? Basta ako 'lsquo;pag nawala ako sa isang kaibigan promise, napakalaki kong kawalan. Wala ngang nagmamahal na tulad ko, OA nga ako. Wala akong pagkukulang, pagsosobra marami." She related that if she is harboring some ill feelings towards Aga, all it takes is a little "lambing or carino" from the actor to take it away. "Ayoko nang siraan sana maayos 'lsquo;to. Tampo lamang 'lsquo;yon. Lambing ang kapalit non. 'lsquo;Pag nagtampo sa kahit sinong leading man ko lambing, carino