Gladys Reyes gives birth to a baby boy

Gladys and hubby Christopher Roxas are very happy with the new addition to their family.



11/21/2010 12:59 AM
Gladys Reyes gives birth to a baby boy

Actress Gladys Reyes just gave birth to a bouncing baby boy yesterday, November 20, just before 1pm. The actress underwent a cesarean section at the Asian Hospital. The baby she and husband, actor Christopher Roxas, named Grant Carlin, weighed 6.8 lbs. and is 50 cms. long. Grant Carlin is the third child of the couple.

Everyone was happily surprised when Gladys announced her pregnancy shortly after best friend Judy Ann Santos declared hers. The actress was last seen on TV via the program Showtime, where she was not ousted as a hurado but instead had to bow out of the show because of her pregnancy.

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