Derek Ramsay wants Angel Locsin to be his next leading lady

The actor even states he wants to be part of show Imortal.

Derek Ramsay wants Angel Locsin to be his next leading lady-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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11/19/2010 11:25 AM
Derek Ramsay wants Angel Locsin to be his next leading lady

After Magkaribal, Derek Ramsay continues his busy working schedule shooting for his upcoming movie Corazon as well as going abroad for city tours until the first week of December. For his next TV project, the actor admits he would be interested to be paired with a new leading lady. "I'rsquo;d really love to work with Angel Locsin. I worked with her sa Century Tuna campaign but I'rsquo;ve never done a teleserye or movie with her so I'rsquo;d love to do that," he shares.

The talented actor-athlete admits that Angel is one of the nicest people he has ever met in the industry. "My first impression of her when I was met her was that she was maalaga, like a mommy (laughs). Mabait siya, sobra. And she'rsquo;s a good actress so I'rsquo;d love to be paired with her. Sayang nga eh. I had the chance to work with her sana on MMK (Maalaala Mo Kaya) but unfortunately schedules didn'rsquo;t permit us to work together. Hindi natuloy. Pero I'rsquo;d love to be partnered with her in the future," he divulges.

Derek also expressed interest in being part of the fantaserye Imortal, even if only in a bit role. "I really would'rsquo;ve loved to be part of Imortal, like in a cameo or just a guest role. I'rsquo;d like to play a vampire. I just think it'rsquo;s so bad-ass," he says. Derek, admits he is a fan of Angel'rsquo;s hit show. When I saw the pilot and the teasers of Imortal, it just looked so cool," he adds. Of all the characters, Derek admits that Magnus Imperial strikes him as the most intriguing. "I want to see if I can play those kinds of characters. I want to be a salbahe vampire like Jake Roxas. I think his role is pretty cool. Para maiba naman. I want to play something like that," he shares. Being a fan of war flicks, Derek also expressed interest in doing a war movie where he can play the role of a soldier. "I enjoy watching those kinds of movies like Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, I want to play a soldier in the line of fire," he says.

The Fil-Brit actor feels very thankful for all the blessing he received in 2010. "I'rsquo;m feeling good. There were a lot of great experiences this year. And I'rsquo;m very excited for Christmas because we'rsquo;re going to go travel with family and Angel. And this year of course was our great South Africa trip. Finally, all the plans and preparations for that, it all happened. Then, Magkaribal was a success. I'rsquo;m currently shooting a movie that I really, really like. We'rsquo;re going to be finishing that soon so sana that comes out before the year ends. So yeah, it'rsquo;s been a really good ride for me, 2009, and 2010. Habang May Buhay also did well. Ang dami kong blessings na natatanggap. I haven'rsquo;t had a moment where I had no work so 2010 is good for me," he relates.