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Derek Ramsay shares his secret to keeping his relationship with Angelica Panganiban strong

Derek Ramsay says he and girlfriend Angelica Panganiban would rather focus on spending quality time together.


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11/16/2010 7:03 AM
Derek Ramsay shares his secret to keeping his relationship with Angelica Panganiban strong

After celebrating their fourth year anniversary as a couple last September, Derek Ramsay says that his relationship with Angelica Panganiban is as strong as ever. He says a good mix of being discreet and upfront with the public has helped them weather a lot of issues. "It'rsquo;s very simple. When they ask, I answer. And I tell them what'rsquo;s up, I tell them the truth," he says. The Fil-Brit actor also admits that he and Angel hardly even discuss the gossip about them when they'rsquo;re together. "When it comes to that kasi, Angel and I, we know were both already in showbiz, so when we'rsquo;re together, we don'rsquo;t talk about work. We focus on the time that we get to spend with each other," he stresses. Derek says they would rather focus on planning other things than dwelling on the negative. "We both love travel so what we do is that we just go out, forget about our jobs for a while and just be ourselves. The rumors, the chismis, the speculations, all that, hindi na namin pinag-uusapan. 'lsquo;Pag pinag-uusapan namin, it means its affecting us and it doesn'rsquo;t affect us so from the controversial picture to the latest one which is she'rsquo;s two months pregnant, they ask me, I answer and that'rsquo;s the end of it. We definitely don'rsquo;t stress about it when we see each other, we hang out, we go do things that we want to do," he shares.

After winning medals in Ultimate Frisbee tournaments in Singapore and Hong Kong this year, Derek says he'rsquo;s also been very lucky that Angel has not been too restricting because of his recurring injuries. "It'rsquo;s not that she doesn'rsquo;t want me to play sports, she'rsquo;s just protecting me because she knows that my knee is busted and she'rsquo;s the one that gets it when after the game, I complain to her, she'rsquo;s the one who ices my knee, she'rsquo;s the one who has to hear my complaints," he says. Derek is quick to defend his ladylove from rumors that she has demanded that he stop playing altogether. "She'rsquo;s just doing it to protect me, it'rsquo;s not that she'rsquo;s stopping me or competing with my sports. We never fight about it. But she does tell me that, 'lsquo;I'rsquo;m not going to feel pity for you if you bring it upon yourself.'rsquo; I understand where she'rsquo;s coming from, but definitely she'rsquo;s not stopping me from doing it," he explains. Derek admits that sports will always be a priority in his life, which is why he pushes his body to the limit. "You know me, what gets me to where I am, especially when it comes to sports, is my heart. Sometimes, that'rsquo;s why I abuse my body, my body can'rsquo;t do it anymore but my heart is what gets me there. So I definitely felt that when I played in Singapore. I pushed my body to the limit and buti na lang nanalo 'lsquo;di ba? (laughs)," he says.