James Reid wants to be ready when he gets his showbiz break

PBB Big Winner James Reid says that he is not jealous of his fellow housemates' showbiz breaks.



11/12/2010 10:22 AM
James Reid wants to be ready when he gets his showbiz break

Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 Big Winner James Reid said that he will patiently wait for his showbiz break, adding that while the opportunity has not arrived yet, he will continue improving himself. "I'rsquo;m still taking up workshops. I don'rsquo;t want to have a movie'mdash;for example'mdash;right now because I know I'rsquo;m not ready for it. This is why I'rsquo;m still taking acting workshops, I'rsquo;m taking singing lessons, I'rsquo;m learning to play the guitar," the Fil-Australian lad explained.

He also denied being envious of his batch mates who have started making names for themselves in the industry. For instance, Korean former housemate Ryan Bang now has his own show entitled 3ow powhz! on Studio 23, is a guest judge on Showtime, and is a frequent Banana Split guest. American housemate Bret Jackson had a three-month long hosting stint on MYX, has launched his digital single, and is busy with guest appearances on shows like ASAP. James justified that the two deserve to have their break and they stood out because they are good with what they do best; Ryan is good in comedy while Bret'rsquo;s thing is music and hosting.

The PBB Big Winner said that he is serious with his workshops and lessons. "I just want to have more experience in hosting, singing, and acting because [I] can'rsquo;t say that at the moment, acting is what I want to do. I haven'rsquo;t tried it before but a show is coming up soon [and] that would be my first experience," he said but did not divulge what the upcoming show was.

Asked in which genre he would like to stand out, James replied, "I'rsquo;m getting better at things, I'rsquo;d like to be recognized as a musician, I'rsquo;m getting better playing the guitar." He said that he looks up to Yeng Constantino and described her as a great performer. "[She'rsquo;s] young, she'rsquo;s talented, she'rsquo;s a great singer, she plays the guitar, she'rsquo;s an entertainer."

Aside from the workshops and trainings, James also added that he is going to take up Tagalog lessons and admitted that it is one of his biggest shortcomings. "I understand but it'rsquo;s hard to speak it. For me it'rsquo;s difficult because my accent is funny," he said smiling. Nevertheless, the good-looking former housemate said that he is determined not only to understand but to speak Tagalog soon.