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Derek Ramsay looks forward to spending Christmas in Indonesia with Angelica Panganiban and his family

Derek Ramsay reveals how Angelica Panganiban has been warmly accepted by his family.


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11/13/2010 1:45 AM
Derek Ramsay looks forward to spending Christmas in Indonesia with Angelica Panganiban and his family

After the success of his last drama series Magkaribal, Derek Ramsay will be on a U.S. concert tour this month along with KC Concepcion and Matteo Guidicelli. Before he left, the Fil-Brit actor shared with Push.com.ph his plans for the coming holiday season. "I'rsquo;m really looking forward to Christmas. It'rsquo;s a really nice way to end the year na napaka-successful and Christmas is going to be a little bit lighter na wala masyado trabaho and I'rsquo;m going to get to travel with my family. So ayun, I'rsquo;m looking forward to a lot in Christmas," he said.

Derek and his family, along with girlfriend Angelica Panganiban, are planning to spend the holidays in the paradise island of Bali, Indonesia. Derek also shared that this is the third time that Angel will be spending Christmas with his family and now she is also involved in the planning for their first Christmas celebration abroad together. "The first time, we went to Cagayan De Oro for New Year'rsquo;s and then the following year, we went to the Bella Roca island resort in Marinduque. But this time naman, we'rsquo;re going to go out of the country. I think it'rsquo;s going to be her first trip with my family out of the country. She'rsquo;s also taking part in the planning. Nagtatawa-tawagan silang lahat for plans sa Christmas," he shared.

Derek said Angel feels right at home with the Ramsay clan. "They don'rsquo;t consider my girlfriend as a girlfriend, they consider her as family. Ang dami kasi naming sa pamilya so kung saan-saan kami natutulog dun. Sometimes, Angel is with my nephews and nieces, so it'rsquo;s parang isang buong family lang talaga kami," he said.

At some point, the Fil-Brit hunk also hopes that they can do a future celebration which also includes Angel'rsquo;s family. "Sana Angel'rsquo;s family will be there pero we haven'rsquo;t done that. It'rsquo;s always my family. My nephews, nieces, my sisters, my brother, and my parents. But for New Year, I think Angel will fly back to be with her family. Sana puwede sumama yung family ni Angel, mahiyain kasi si tita eh. So sana makasama sila," he said.

Derek admitted he is looking forward to playing golf with his dad while Angel bonds with other members of his family. "Sila Angel siyempre pinaghahandaan ang shopping with my mom and my sister. Ako, I'rsquo;m just looking forward to just waking up and seeing them. We'rsquo;ll be there almost a week so I'rsquo;m really looking forward to doing that. Pagkagising, breakfast then everyone'rsquo;s there," he added.

Derek also shared his experiences when he visits Angelica and her family. "I would like to think that the closeness is the same and I have a lot of respect and sila tita and Angel'rsquo;s family, the people that are important to her. Si tita kasi napaka-mahiyain niyan eh. Parang takot siyang kausapin ako. At hindi niya alam natatakot din akong kausapin siya. Pero we have that respect and the trust there. We'rsquo;re not ilang pag andiyan sila at nandiyan ako or the same with Angel and my family, wala," he stressed. Derek shared that Angel'rsquo;s mom is cl