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Angel Aquino says she will definitely miss her character Vera Cruz in Magkaribal

Angel Aquino talks about how 'Magkaribal' changed her life and how she hopes that she could get more challenging roles in the future.



11/2/2010 7:13 AM
Angel Aquino says she will definitely miss her character Vera Cruz in Magkaribal

Angel Aquino has come a long way ever since she portrayed the heartless Vera Cruz in Magkaribal. A lot of Kapamilya viewers claim that they watch out for her more than the other lead stars in the show. When asked how she feels to own such a well-received kontrabida character, Angel humbly replied, "I think it'rsquo;s the other way around, Vera owned me. She just took over. I brought her to life but she'rsquo;s such a big person, she's so complex, she goes through many things and you cannot take her for granted e. Lagi nga sinasabi ng mga friends ko, 'lsquo;O kailan ba tayo lalabas?'rsquo; I'rsquo;ll say, 'lsquo;Strict ang boss ko e.'rsquo; Parang she's become my alter ego already. I cannot shake her off. I'rsquo;m known as Vera, I'rsquo;m no longer Angel. It'rsquo;s amazing and now I have to see how life is after Vera."

There was a part in Magkaribal where Angel'rsquo;s character was mellowing out, but it soon became evident that she'rsquo;s better at being plain mean. "I actually enjoyed that part na she'rsquo;s starting to get endeared to Gelai (Bea Alonzo). But then people were looking for the nastier Vera. Some of them were like, 'lsquo;Uy nagiging tao na si Vera'rsquo;. But somehow, people enjoy the catfights, the banters... They miss that so we have to bring her back. And personally I miss it as well. She'rsquo;s definitely an interesting character."

Magkaribal is now on its final week and Angel admitted that it'rsquo;s quite saddening that there'rsquo;s no way they could extend the show anymore. "All of us knew that we'rsquo;re going to end in September hanggang sa na-extend ng na-extend. But everybody made plans and other artists are going out of town on a tour so wala na talaga kaming makukuhanan kung i-extend pa ulit. We'rsquo;re so sad. For a lot of reasons. We'rsquo;ve gotten so close to each other and the show'rsquo;s doing well. Kaming lahat gamay na gamay na namin yung characters. We'rsquo;re having fun playing Vera, Victoria, and Gelai... We can'rsquo;t imagine not being our characters. Sayang but it'rsquo;s also good because we'rsquo;re going to make people want for more," she explained.

When asked about her plans after Magkaribal, Angel shared that she hopes to land roles that would further enhance her dramatic prowess. "Kasi parang Vera brought me out there as an actress so I want to push it a little farther and then let'rsquo;s see how far it will go. On the side I would also like to make plans on creating my own business. But right now, sabi nga nila strike while the iron is hot. Right now, while I'rsquo;m getting that attention, I'rsquo;d like to do more acting siguro. As long as it'rsquo;s a good one and worth my time, any part would do."