Andi Eigenmann: I wont pretend to be someone that I am not

Andi Eigenmann answers rumors of an attitude problem on the set of 'Shake, Rattle, and Roll.'



10/8/2010 11:40 PM
Andi Eigenmann: I wont pretend to be someone that I am not

Rumor have been circulating that Andi Eigenmann has an attitude problem after the actress refused to wear the designated wardrobe for her character in Shake, Rattle, and Roll. The young actress admitted that she picked out her own clothes for the movie, but it'rsquo;s not because she doesn'rsquo;t want to wear anything that'rsquo;s not branded. "What? That'rsquo;s stupid. Yung shorts na suot ko ngayon hindi branded 'lsquo;yan. I can wear not branded clothes. The only incident that I recall is when may binigay sa akin na damit na isusuot ko. Personally, ayoko yung damit, hindi ko type, parang not my style. I like creating my own character and that comes with a style, with accessories, with the entire look so that has to be me. Parang feeling ko I have the right to say that's not it, that's not my character," she stated during her Your Song press con last October 7.

Andi further explained that she has more leeway to choose her own wardrobe this time unlike her previous projects because her role is a normal college girl whose outfits wouldn'rsquo;t really matter in the movie. "The style doesn'rsquo;t really matter in this case. Sabi sa akin, 'lsquo;O sige basta 'lsquo;wag blue kasi chroma.'rsquo; 'lsquo;Ah okay, sige. Okay po ba ito?'rsquo; Tatanungin ko pa rin po yung stylist, siyempre compromise pa rin, pero something that both of us would agree upon. Kasi hindi po ako magpre-pretend e. Kasi, ito na naman ako, mas lalong nakakainis kung susuotin ko tapos [bubulong-bulong ako na] 'lsquo;Ayoko 'lsquo;to e'rsquo;. Bakit ako gaganon? E 'lsquo;di sabihin ko na lang 'lsquo;di ba? Sinuot ko lang talaga yung gusto ko isuot kasi ayoko yung pinasuot sa akin. Is there something wrong with that? Kapag gusto po kayo pasuotin ng frilly flower girl dress isusuot ni'rsquo;yo ba? 'lsquo;Di ba parang human rights [ang issue?]"

When asked how she feels to be tagged as pasaway by other people, Andi said that it'rsquo;s not really a big deal to her anymore. She would rather focus on improving her craft than feel bad about the negative publicity about her. "Even before I was an actress I'rsquo;ve always been misunderstood. And I'rsquo;ve always been fine with it kasi those people who misunderstand me are the people who aren'rsquo;t close to me. They don'rsquo;t know me so they don'rsquo;t have any impact on my life whatsoever. The only ones that I'rsquo;m trying to impress are the people who view me, the people who like me and the people who have the authority to give me what I need or what I want to get out of this industry. Why would I waste my time on people who just say rumors about me? That'rsquo;s their job and I'rsquo;m just going to do my job," she stressed.

Andi acknowledged the fact that her showbiz career might suffer because she'rsquo;s being true to herself. But she maintained that she'rsquo;s determined to become a successful artist and still be able to have fun like other typical teenagers. "Yun nga po sinasabi ng mom ko na, 'lsquo;Anak, hindi ka pwedeng maging Lindsay Lohan or whoever dito kasi hindi ito Hollywood.'rsquo; Pero sabi ko, 'lsquo;Mom, it'rsquo;s enough that I'rsquo;m pretending when it comes to the roles that I portray on scree