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Andi Eigenmann denies shes the cause of the Jericho Rosales-Cesca Litton breakup

Andi Eigenmann laughs off rumors that she is the reason why Jericho Rosales and Cesca Litton have called it quits.



10/8/2010 10:05 AM
Andi Eigenmann denies shes the cause of the Jericho Rosales-Cesca Litton breakup

During the press con for Andi Eigenmann'rsquo;s Your Song drama anthology, the 20-year-old actress was quick to refute the rumors that she'rsquo;s the reason behind Jericho Rosales and Cesca Litton'rsquo;s alleged breakup. She claimed that she doesn'rsquo;t even have any means of communicating with Jericho. "Ha? Oh my gosh! Naku hindi po. I don'rsquo;t think so. I mean, sana nga isa akong third party, pero sana kinakausap niya ako 'lsquo;di ba? Hindi nga niya ako kinakausap. Hindi ko nga siya nakikita even if he's my neighbor. Gusto ko siya maging friend, pero hindi e. Hanapin ko yung BBM niya," Andi explained easily.

As a matter of fact, she seemed totally unaware of the news when asked about her alleged involvement. "You know what, the last time that I was interviewed, that'rsquo;s the first time that I heard that she (Cesca) was the girlfriend. Parang sobrang ganon ako ka-behind [in terms of showbiz news]."

Andi couldn'rsquo;t help but feel kilig, however, when prodded about the possibility of being courted by the dashing actor if he gets back into the dating scene again. She even admitted that she and her friends used to call out his name every time they pass by his house in their neighborhood. "Hindi, kakatakok ako. 'lsquo;Hello, pwedeng makipag-friend?'rsquo; Joke. Pero opo, kapag pupunta ako sa kapitbahay, kasi meron akong friend na on the way yung bahay niya dun. Tapos titigil kami ng ganyan, wait lang, sisilipin namin yung bahay niya, 'lsquo;Hi Echo!'rsquo; Sumisigaw kami ng ganon tapos umaalis kami," she recalled in between laughs.

But on a serious note, Andi insisted that it'rsquo;s not really proper for her to comment on the issue because it'rsquo;s a very private matter. "That's Echo'rsquo;s personal life. I wouldn'rsquo;t have anything to say about that. Kasi fan ako ni Echo, but I don'rsquo;t know him. I mean, I know him, he's my neighbor, but I am not that close to him to know how he is and to know anything about his personal life so that's not something I can meddle with. Pagdating kay Echo, yung paghanga ko sa kanya, yung pagdating lang talaga sa pagtratrabaho, yung mga works niya po."

Asked if there'rsquo;s someone special in her life at the moment, Andi maintained that she has already stopped dating the non-showbiz guy whom she was seeing during her Agua Bendita days. "Ay wala na yung dine-date ko before but we'rsquo;re still friends. Yung sinasabing may ka-holding hands daw ako sa Shangri-La, hindi totoo. Baka ghost yung sinasabing kasama ko kasi sabi nila tisoy daw," she stated.

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