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Kris Aquino on Mayor Junjun Binay: We stopped talking kasi I want to be proper

Kris Aquino says she and Mayor Junjun Binay no longer keep in touch because of the nonstop rumors about them.



10/5/2010 8:07 AM
Kris Aquino on Mayor Junjun Binay: We stopped talking kasi I want to be proper

After much speculation about the real score between them, Kris Aquino decided to cut communications with Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay to avoid further intrigues in her personal life. She said that it'rsquo;s all for the best, especially now that she has her hands full with the annulment of her five-year-marriage to James Yap. "Yes, we stopped talking kasi I want to be proper and he understands it. Kahit na friends kami sabi ko mami-misunderstand yung friendship namin. To be perfectly honest, dumalaw kasi siya sa hospital kay Bimby. Tapos tinanong siya ni Bimby, 'lsquo;You'rsquo;re mama's friend?'rsquo; Sabi niya 'lsquo;Yes.'rsquo; Wala ako dun nung time na yun," said Kris during her Belo press launch last September 29.
Kris previously admitted that Mayor Binay has become a close friend of hers since last year and that he'rsquo;s the only guy she'rsquo;s really communicating with among those who are being romantically linked to her. But it seems that their budding romance has to take a backseat with all the intrigues being thrown their way in the past few weeks. "I talked to him after [his visit in the hospital] and I said, 'lsquo;Even if we're just friends, this will be subject to interpretation by so many people so kawawa ka naman. Lalo na ikaw ang may karapatan na manligaw sa kahit na sinong [gusto mo].'rsquo; So we don'rsquo;t talk, we don'rsquo;t communicate kasi kawawa siya, kawawa ako. So kaysa ma-tsismis pa, mahusgahan ako, 'lsquo;wag na lang."

Kris also refuted recent reports that she has rekindled her long-buried romance with Joey Marquez. Apparently, the issue first came out when the former Pilipinas Win Na Win host greeted a certain Joey M. during the show. But it turns out that she was referring to Johnny Manahan'rsquo;s nephew who'rsquo;s a state representative in Hawaii. "He was so nice to us nung nagpunta kaming family sa Hawaii last year. He'rsquo;s also in charge of the tourism there so nakuhanan niya ako ng discount sa mga hotel rooms. So siyempre greet ako ng greet sa kanya kasi he'rsquo;s up for reelection. Alam ni'rsquo;yo, kung gusto ni'rsquo;yo talaga maglagay ng malisya makakahanap at makakahanap ka ng malisya. Utang na loob naman, I know better," she exclaimed.

But despite the heartaches that she has been through in her life, Kris revealed that she'rsquo;s still open to falling in love again. "Ayaw na nilang lahat. Sinasabi ng mga kapatid ko sa akin awat ka na. Sabi pa ni ate Balsy sa akin, 'lsquo;Mag-boyfriend ka na lang ha, but please don'rsquo;t get married.'rsquo; Sabi ko, 'lsquo;Ate naman, gusto ko naman makasal sa church'rsquo;. Sabi ni ate sa akin, 'lsquo;Krissy, siguro kapag 80 years old ka na.'rsquo; Parang, at least, in all fairness, my family has a sense of humor about me," she added with a laugh.

On a final note, Kris admitted that it would really be hard for her to find someone she can share the rest of her life with. "My sisters said it best na it was difficult enough to have a relat