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What sets DJ Lamar apart from other aspiring singer-songwriters?

Showbiz newbie DJ Lamar talks about living a simple life and how it inspired him to be a musician.



10/31/2010 11:33 PM
What sets DJ Lamar apart from other aspiring singer-songwriters?

Co-managed by Cornerstone Talent Management Center and Star Magic, Dave Jonathan Lamar, or simply DJ, is the younger of the Lamars brothers who was once part of the musical-serye Idol. Born and raised in Sariaya, Quezon, this Fil-American cutie led a sheltered life since both his parents are dedicated missionaries who run their own orphanage. In a recent interview with ABS-CBN.com, DJ further shared that he was really culture-shocked when he first came here in Quezon City to try out his luck in the music scene.

“I didn’t grow up in a rich family kaya the perception of the members of the press that we were born with a silver spoon in our mouth, that’s quite the farthest thing to describe our status in life. I wouldn’t say naman na we're poor, just average. But in our first couple of gigs, wala kaming mga damit. Kasi back in Lucena puro bigay lang ng lola namin and cousins from the States ang suot namin. We don’t really have a cable TV in the house. we only watch movies. We don’t really watch local or international channels,” said DJ who got discovered while performing in a Christian church in Alabang.

Although he had the chance to live in the States for a few years, DJ stressed that his parents taught them live as simply as possible. This charming 16-year-old also claimed that he only hangs out with wholesome kids who are not really into parties to begin with. “Kaya nga the first time that I entered a bar for a gig, I wasn’t used to the smoke and the environment. Tinawagan ko pa mom ko to say na, ‘Parang ‘di ko kaya gawin ito’. It took a while for me and my brother Micah to get used to it. Since our parents our missionaries, we're together 24/7. We just play with the kids and take care of them as well.”

Once you’ve hear the Lamars perform on stage though, you will realize that they really deserve a break in the music industry. Not only are they talented singers but DJ, specifically, has actually written around fifty original compositions to boot. “When I first submitted songs for MCA Music, they told me to write more songs that fit my age bracket. I am the kind of writer that can draw inspiration from other people’s experiences. I wrote a song called Desperate For Love when I was 16 and it was inspired by the kids from our orphanage. They know about the feelings of anger, disappointment, bitterness pero ‘di nila alam yung love. So parang masyadong serious yung songs ko but now I’ve already made some that I hope would be included in our upcoming album.”

Joining Idol was something DJ did because getting TV exposure will help establish their singing career. But he’s also grateful because it gave him the opportunity to meet his celebrity crush Sarah Geronimo. “She’s the most down-to-earth person I’ve ever met in showbiz. I like the fact that she dresses very simply. It’s different seeing her on TV because she's so much more beautiful in person. And then there was one scene where we were just goofing around off cam. When we went back to work, the director said, ‘Sarah, iyak’ may tumulo na luha agad sa cheek niya. Grabe hindi ko kaya yun. She’s really a very special girl,” he finally stated.

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