Derek Ramsay to embark on a singing career?

Derek Ramsay tries out his singing skills for a concert tour.


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10/30/2010 12:36 AM
Derek Ramsay to embark on a singing career?

After Magkaribal airs its final episode next Friday, November 5, Derek Ramsay shares that he is getting ready to take on a new kind of project after doing the hit fashion-oriented series. The Fil-Brit model-actor revealed that he is slated to go on a month-long concert tour this November along with KC Concepcion and Matteo Guidicelli. The tour will take them to various cities in the United States. "I finally surrendered because they'rsquo;ve been asking me to do this for the longest time. I said to them, you know what, I'rsquo;ve been on primetime and I'rsquo;ve been acting for four years straight now and it'rsquo;s exhausting, challenging, but exhausting at the same time. So I said para maiba naman. So susubukan kong kumanta," he says.

Although he has sung in variety programs before, it is mostly just for a guest appearance or to promote a movie. Derek says that he will try his best, but knows the limitations of his talents. "I'rsquo;ll be the first one to admit that I'rsquo;m not any good at it. So for those that are going to see me there, I apologize in advance, but I'rsquo;m going over there for the experience and to meet all of those people who supported me," he says humbly. Although the 30-year-old actor promises to entertain his U.S-based fans, he says he has no plans of becoming a singer nor will he even venture into coming out with his own album. "I can promise you that that will never happen (laughs). I leave that to those that have that talent. For me kasi, I find it insulting na to do something na I know I don'rsquo;t have in me. I'rsquo;m not comfortable doing it, I know I don'rsquo;t have that talent and for someone whose got that talent," he admits.

In fact, Derek says he plans to just enjoy the whole experience even if he has never really been part of a concert before. "No, I'rsquo;m not enrolled for any singing lessons. I'rsquo;m going to keep it real. You know me. I'rsquo;m not going to pretend. I mean, I try and practice with a mirror but not todo todo naman na paghahanda," he says.'nbsp; The Magkaribal star doesn'rsquo;t have a repertoire yet but says he prefers to sing ballads. "I don'rsquo;t really have any idea. Even with videoke songs, I don'rsquo;t have any particular favorite. But I'rsquo;m probably going to sing something low and slow. Songs that I guess I could keep up with. I'rsquo;m also going to be singing 'lsquo;Harana'rsquo; and 'lsquo;And I Love You So,'rsquo; yun mga ganung pace ng kanta," he explains.

Angelica Panganiban will also be in the U.S at the same time as Derek, but not for work. The buy actor hopes to find an opportunity to meet up with her to celebrate. "Angel'rsquo;s going to be spending her birthday here, but she'rsquo;s going to celebrate with family over there sa States. I think they'rsquo;re going to go on a cruise. Sana I can find time to join them. She'rsquo;s going to be in the States," he says. But even if those plans fall through, the couple will make up for it by celebrating Derek'rsquo;s birthday together on December 7. "On the first week of December, we'rsquo;re going to be together in Australia and doing a show there as well," he says.