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Sam Milby says he and Marie Digby are just going to be friends

Sam Milby admits that while he and Marie Digby get along very well, a long distance relationship would be too difficult.


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10/27/2010 7:02 AM
Sam Milby says he and Marie Digby are just going to be friends

After reports surfaced earlier this year that he was dating international singer Mari'eacute; Digby, Sam Milby quickly quashed the relationship rumors, although they both later admitted they were dating. Sam admitted it was hard for him and the Japanese-American singer to really date because Marie is based in California. This Halloween, the two singers just might end up crossing paths when Sam goes to Japan. "Actually may tour kami sa Japan. I'rsquo;ll be flying to there on Thursday and Friday. Marie is already there for an album she'rsquo;s doing and other gigs," he said.

Sam said he invited the pretty singer to catch the Heartthrobs show if she has the time. But he clarified that their relationship has gone from dating to purely platonic now. "Baka magkita kami but actually we'rsquo;re just friends. We decided na friends lang. Before we were dating, na baka puwede. Pero ngayon we decided na mahirap. It'rsquo;s not going to be very often na ako pupunta sa Japan. Hindi rin naman siya palagi sa Japan. Mas madalas siya sa L.A. so it'rsquo;s hard. She said she might watch the concert," he shared.

Sam said that even though he and Marie got along really well, she has now become one of the people he considers as a very good friend. After spending his birthday with her in Boracay this year, Sam said'nbsp; he is looking forward to seeing Marie again. "Like I said, we decided na friends lang. I mean, we became really good friends naman kahit papaano. I got a really good friend out of that. We did have hopes that it might work out. Hindi naman M.U. pero we had hopes na baka puwedeng mangyari pero mahirap talaga eh. But you know she'rsquo;s one of the nicest people I'rsquo;ve ever met and someone I know I can count on kahit malayo siya. I can count on her," he said. Two years after his last relationship, Sam says he is more focused on work than in dating at the moment. He just finished work on Idol which had its finale last week.

Now that the series has finished, Sam said he is not closing his doors on love yet for the year. "We'rsquo;ll see. Ngayon lang natapos ang Idol. It'rsquo;s something that I'rsquo;m not looking for, if it happens, it happens. 'lsquo;Pag may spark with somebody, then there'rsquo;s a spark with somebody," he said.

Sam is slated to star in the upcoming indie film Third World Happy which is part of the sixth Cinema One Originals Film Festival at the Shang Cineplex from November 10 to 16. This marks Sam'rsquo;s second foray into independent films after doing Cul-de-Sac in 2008.