Gary Valenciano says he will always stay loyal to ABS-CBN

Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano knows how to value the relationship he has established with the Kapamilya network through the years.



10/26/2010 9:13 AM
Gary Valenciano says he will always stay loyal to ABS-CBN

Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano revealed in an exclusive interview with how grateful he is to ABS-CBN. He said one of the most important values of his decades in showbiz is loyalty to home network. "ABS-CBN, the history I have with this particular station is so precious to me. I see myself staying loyal to this network and to the friends that I have here because by doing so, by being sensitive to that magiging sensitive din kami sa mga kailangan ng taong bayan. I need to be able to establish that even more. And it does not happen overnight but in a snap you can burn bridges right away," Gary said.

Gary has never been involved in rumors of network transfers. He revealed how careful he is to avoid those kinds of issues. "Even with the product endorsements that I have, I am like that. It would take years before I could think of moving on. It's just something that I think I need to keep myself aware of because at this point in time, there is so much happening and I think I am already in a place that can reach so many people."

He further revealed that there have been instances which disappointed him in the past. "There are things that happened in the past, in my personal life where there are people who get you [for a project] and they believe in you so much so they ask you to become part of something and then you become part of it. And then you see the success of that and then biglang after a few months, after all the contracts have been sealed, biglang may lalapit sa 'yo and will tell you that they know what [and how much] you got from the project. For me kasi I am not after the material things that I get but I am more on the relationships that have established."

He is open though to working with artists from different networks, especially if the project is for good cause. "I am will be a part of events in collaboration with other artistas, but if I go, I will represent where I came from, not looking down on everybody, not try to tell them that I am above them, but since we are all here, let's all work together. After all, when you say Kapamilya, it's a deep and heavy responsibility you should play not only to the people you work within the studios but the whole society as well."

He added that he is already with the best and he will not settle for anything less. Aside from being in a network where he can maximize his artistry, it also helps him to to reach out less-fortunate Filipinos. "I am seen all over the world, naiisip ko kung ano pang iba kong pwedeng magawa not just an artist in ASAP, but as a person that can encourage people by becoming part of ABS-CBN's causes."