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  • Derek Ramsay says his role in Magkaribal is his most emotional role to date.

Derek Ramsay says his role in Magkaribal is his most emotional role to date.

Derek Ramsay admits that while he will miss doing 'Magkaribal,' he is glad that they will finally get a chance to rest.


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10/26/2010 9:43 AM
Derek Ramsay says his role in Magkaribal is his most emotional role to date.

Everyone knows Derek Ramsay is an in-demand endorser, actor, and multi-athlete. But nowadays, the Fil-British hunk is recognized best for his role in Magkaribal as Louie Villamor, the mixed-martial arts enthusiast and model that falls for both the characters played by Bea Alonzo and Gretchen Barretto in the series. As Magkaribal comes to an end on November 5, Push.com.ph caught up with Derek and discovered what he had to say about the finale. "I found out the other day what the ending was and for me, I think it has to end that way. For me, parang this is where the people will feel pity for Louie, because if you think about it, he got someone pregnant who'rsquo;s going to get married, and if that'rsquo;s the only thing you know about Louie, you'rsquo;ll think he'rsquo;s an asshole, but here you'rsquo;re going to see what he does because of the true love that he has for this person. The ending will definitely show that," he shared.

Derek also said he considers his character to be even stronger than he is. "If I was Louie, I don'rsquo;t think I'rsquo;d survive, with all of the stuff he'rsquo;s going through. The mixed emotions and the physical pain. I think, as Derek, I would'rsquo;ve given up. But I'rsquo;ve fallen in love with my character. He'rsquo;s very emotional, just like I am. And plus 'lsquo;di ba I was able to play a role where I was a bit of a bad ass, a UFC fighter. But I thought that was what was going to be the challenge, but I think this is the most emotional character I'rsquo;ve ever played of all the soaps I'rsquo;ve done," he admitted.

The Magkaribal actor, who is currently wrapping up shooting for the movie Corazon, admitted he has mixed emotions about moving on to different projects by next month. "Mixed emotions talaga. I'rsquo;m sad na matatapos na and happy na sinu-suportahan kami ng marami. Happy na yung quality ng work namin is getting better pero at the same time I'rsquo;m also excited dahil lahat makakapagpahinga. Kasi everyday kami nagte-taping so that the quality of our work does not go down. We don'rsquo;t want to disappoint our viewers and those that support us. We want to maintain the work that we'rsquo;ve done. So I have mixed emotions that the show has been extended, but 'lsquo;di pa siya tapos kaya happy pa kami," he said.

Derek also admitted that he is excited for the last few episodes that they have to offer. "It'rsquo;s going to get better and better. I think there'rsquo;ll be a variety of responses when it comes to how it'rsquo;s going to end. I think some people might not like it. But from all the work that we'rsquo;re doing right now, for all the viewers, the show is getting better and better. The quality is definitely not going down and I can promise you that we'rsquo;re not going to disappoint so sana suportahan all the way to the end and you'rsquo;ll definitely see a lot more fashion because we kind of drifted away from that a bit but since the end is coming close, todo na you'rsquo;ll see the URCC again, you'rsquo;ll see the fashion side again and of course, hindi natin puwede maiwasan yung drama," he said.