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Director FM Reyes reveals the truth behind Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion's relationship

Director FM Reyes talks about Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion's 'kilig' moments off cam.



12/5/2009 10:39 PM
Director FM Reyes reveals the truth behind Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion's relationship

There have been speculations about the real status of Lovers in Paris co-stars Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion’s relationship for quite some time now. But since Piolo preferred to “play it safe” to avoid further intrigues, director FM Reyes took it upon himself to confirm that there’s something going on between these two. “Salamat naman po at tinanong ni’yo ako dahil kating-kati na ako sagutin ‘yan. I myself have some questions. I just came from Canada when we started the project so I decided not to go to Paris with them. When they came back, I felt that something happened there. I was wondering what it was,” the series’ director said during the press con of Lovers In Paris last Friday, December 4. “It's okay for me to talk now, because the show has ended. So wala na ako kailangang i-promo or anything. But something happened that both of them will always remember which I think is the reason why they both wanted to go back to Paris.”

When both Piolo and KC still refused to talk about their bonding experience abroad, the director further shared that there are other things which convinced him that their closeness goes beyond mere friendship. Even Zanjoe Marudo, Hyubs Azarcon, and Ching Arellano believed that they are officially together as a couple. “There's a death scene during the final week of Lovers in Paris. When I shot that, it was I who blocked the scene. I know my units well, I know the movements that I asked them to do, and on the course of their portrayal they did some adlibs which I felt was very, very true. Hindi ko hiningi pero ginawa nila, that's my second proof. And on our last day, KC was crying and crying at mainit ang ulo ni Piolo. Anyway, mahirap ako maging ganito kasi hindi ako sinungaling e. So they both need to answer these things,” he stressed.

But Direk FM was also quick to say that he doesn’t really mind dealing with their personal issues while working on the set. “It was very clear to me where they’re coming from. Ikonteksto ko muna no. Dahil they want to keep it private you can’t deny that something went on. Bilang direktor alam ko kung saan nanggaling yung damdamin nila dahil sa relasyon na yun. Kaya ‘di ko pwedeng patulan kung kunwari masungit yung isa. Ikaw ba naman ang hirap ng ginagawa ninyo tapos you won’t see the person anymore [ng ganong kadalas] at yung pinagsamahan ninyo matatapos sa ganito. E hindi talaga madali ihandle kaya ‘di ko pwedeng patulan. KC is crying kahit hindi crying scene. E anong gagawin ko? Niremind ko lang sila na you go back to work first and let’s set aside personal matters for now.”

In the meantime, Direk FM invited everyone to witness the unexpected turn of events in Lovers in Paris starting on Monday, December 7. “Hindi po namin sinunod yung ending ng original version. Sobrang iba siya. It's very, very beautiful not just because kami yung gumawa pero beyond the professional work. Grabe ang ininvest ng effort ng cast. At the final scene of Piolo and KC, tulad ng sinabi ko kanina, may mga bagay din akong hindi nasunod kasi they wanted to give more than what is asked of them. Ganon din yung grand ending for Zanjoe which is quite different from the original. Merong mga company sa Korea na strict but our partner SBS was quite lenient with us,” he explained. He was also proud to say that they are happy with the over-all success of the show. “We rendered the best we can, trying to portray Filipino values in this Korean remake. At the same time, we’re all sad because hindi mababayaran yung pamilya at pagkakaibigan at pagmamahalan na nabuo sa likod ng screen,” he added.