ABS-CBN.com counts down the biggest news of 2009

ABS-CBN.com lists down the events that made the biggest headlines of the year.



12/27/2009 1:24 AM
ABS-CBN.com counts down the biggest news of 2009

ABS-CBN.com conducted a poll on the biggest news that created the most buzz in 2009 and the Kapamilya online community voted the passing of former President Corazon Aquino as the biggest news of 2009 with 46% of votes. Mrs. Aquino died last August 1 after over a year of battling colon cancer. The woman hailed as Philippine’s mother of democracy left a nation in grief but revitalized the Filipino spirit. The government offered a state funeral for the former leader, but the Aquino family opted for a simpler wake and burial. But this did not prevent the millions of Filipinos from flocking to the Manila Cathedral for the public viewing. World leaders and international organizations also expressed their condolences to the Filipinos who seemed to have lost a mother. President Cory’s youngest child, Queen of All Media Kris Aquino expressed her deepest gratitude to everyone who showed their love for her mother. Kris’s brother, Senator Noynoy Aquino later announced his decision to run for the presidency in the 2010 national elections as his way of protecting and continuing his mother’s legacy of peace and progress.

The second biggest news of the year according to the poll was the tragedy brought by Typhoon Ondoy, garnering 27% of votes. On the morning of September 27, after whole day of non-stop rain because of Typhoon Ondoy, almost all municipalities and provinces in Luzon were submerged in floodwater. No one was spared, even the rich and the famous, like Cristine Reyes, K Brosas, and Chokoleit who remained stranded for hours atop the roofs of their submerged residences.

But the tragedy of Biblical proportions paved the way for Filipinos to espouse the spirit of bayanihan. Gerald Anderson, Jericho Rosales, Richard Gutierrez, and other stars braved the floodwaters to rescue their neighbors in distress. After the storm, celebrities like Angel Locsin, Korina Sanchez, and Willie Revillame visited the stricken areas to give out relief goods to those displaced by flood. ABS-CBN also conducted a telethon to raise funds and collect donations in kind for the victims of the flood.

Also making the news was Dr. Hayden Kho and his sex video scandals, receiving 22% of votes from the online poll. The online community was shocked by a leaked sex video of the celebrity doctor and sexy star Katrina Halili. Other sex videos of Hayden with other women, some were also celebrities, surfaced later on. The Senate called for a public hearing to investigate the matter and the matter also opened public discussion on the issue of pornography, misuse of technology, and women’s rights. Just recently, Hayden’s medical license was revoked, while other names dragged in the scandal are slowly getting back on their feet.

Still a hot topic to this day is the alleged affair between Manny Pacquiao and Krista Ranillo which got 4% of votes from the online poll. The controversy involving the international boxing champ and the sexy starlet began from their pair up in the movie Wapakman. Videos, pictures, and accounts claimed that Krista had been spending too much time with Manny. However, there is still no clear evidence yet to prove that there is an affair between the two. Manny and his wife Jinkee Pacquiao had gone on record to say that their relationship remains intact. On the other hand, Krista has gone back to work, taping for May Bukas Pa and gearing up for her roles in Agimat and Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo.

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