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Ex-PBB housemate Rob Stumvoll says he has no problem with Rica Paras and Paul caJake Castillo

Evicted Pinoy Big Brother Double Up housemate Rob Stumvoll clarifies the issues surrounding his stay inside Kuya's house.



12/2/2009 8:41 AM
Ex-PBB housemate Rob Stumvoll says he has no problem with Rica Paras and Paul caJake Castillo

ABS-CBN.com interviewed Pinoy Big Brother Double Up evictee Rob Stumvoll who said that he had finally accepted his early exit from the competition. “I’m half sad because I wanted to stay longer inside the Big Brother house but I’m also happy that I get to see my mom who came home from Vienna. When I went home after my eviction, may konting celebration sa bahay. May banner sila ng ‘Welcome home, Rob!’ at ‘yung pinsan ko may one-year-old baby siya na naka-shirt na ‘Paul Jake’ (Castillo). I was laughing. I missed my family so much.”

This 24-year-old half-Austrian who speaks fluent Filipino entered PBB with a very challenging task from Kuya. He and transgender housemate Rica Paras had to pretend that they were a couple. Rob revealed to ABS-CBN.com that when he first saw Rica he never thought that he was a transgender. “The first time I saw her, I really thought she was a girl. It was only when we got together inside the confession room when I found out. I have lots of gay friends in Austria and even ‘yung best friend ng mom ko. Doon naman liberated ang mga tao so wala akong problem sa mga ganun.

Rob said that when he accepted the task from Big Brother, Rica’s admirable personality made it easy for him to pretend as her boyfriend. It was only when Rica admitted to him that she was beginning to get attracted to him that things started to become awkward for Rob. “I accepted the challenge but it was only after [I did] when I realized that it was going to be hard. In the first place, I’ve never had that kind of relationship. But I still went on with the task. Rica was a nice person naman. Ang naging problem lang for me was toward the end part of our weekly task Rica admitted to me na nade-develop na siya sa akin. I felt awkward because I didn’t know how to handle the situation. I have never experienced something like that before. Totoo lang medyo nailang ako kaya may konting wall ako sa kanya. Also she told me na may boyfriend siya, four years na sila. Ako naman may girlfriend so hindi ko talaga alam kung anong gagawin.”

Rob and Rica succeeded in their weekly task anyway. A few weeks later, Rob was moved into House B. Just last week, Rica and the girls also moved into House B and the former “fake lovers” were reunited. Rob shared with ABS-CBN.com that until that time, he still didn’t know how to act around Rica, but he strongly dismissed the notion that he was being a homophobe. “When Rica and the girls moved into our house, hindi ko naalis ‘yung wall ko sa kanya. I’m not saying that I don’t like her for her gender. The truth is I find Rica very nice, smart, and funny. But I just didn’t how to handle whatever she feels for me. Dagdag pa dun ‘yung sadness when our original four girls left and went to the other house. Sobrang miss ko sila because I grew very close to them kaya hindi ko masyadong na-welcome si Rica. But it’s not true that I don’t like Rica and the other girls.”

Another housemate Rob had an issue with was Paul Jake. Inside the house he was quoted saying that he really couldn’t stand Paul Jake. But Rob clarified that the issue was just brought about by a tension-filled weekly task. “Napikon lang ako sa kanya during the giant volleyball game. I was already frustrated because Tom (Mott) left and we lost in the weekly task. I badly wanted to win the volleyball game because ganun ako, when I want something I’m determined to get it. Then after the game I thought Paul Jake was laughing at us kasi natalo kami. Napikon lang ako.”

The incident is now a non-issue with Rob and that he is open to beco