PBB's Tom Rodriguez on Princess Manzon: 'We are not dating'

PBB ex-housemate Tom Rodriguez insists that he and Princess Manzon are spending time with each other just as 'good friends.'



12/20/2009 2:35 AM
PBB's Tom Rodriguez on Princess Manzon: 'We are not dating'

It seems that Tom Rodriguez’s determination to make it in showbiz has affected his blossoming romance with fellow Pinoy Big Brother ex-housemate Princess Manzon. Viewers witnessed their emotional parting as well as their happy reunion, which lead everyone to think that they would really end up with each other. But when asked about the real status of their relationship, Tom claimed that he’s taking his time getting to know Princess first. “We’re great. We’re good friends. We’re getting to spend a lot of time together. There's no label, no preconceived notions, we're just enjoying lang talaga. I know it sounds showbiz pero yun ang totoo. We're really enjoying each other's company. There's nothing wrong with that,” he said in an interview with ABS-CBN.com after their live Kapamilya Chat last December 15.

Even though they are often seen together inside the ABS-CBN compound, Tom explained that it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a serious commitment already. He also said he believes that their relationship wouldn’t be a hindrance just in case management decides to build him up as a leading man. “We're not dating naman e. We're both single... We spend time with other people din naman but spending time together is really really fun,” he reiterated. But if he does fall for Princess, the 22-year-old Fil-American revealed that he wouldn’t sacrifice love in favor of his career. “Definitely, it has to go first.”

The way Tom treats Princess hasn’t changed now that they have enough time and space to consider if what they feel for each other is real. “How we are inside the house is exactly how we are outside. Walang nabago or nabawas. The friendship just keeps going stronger. So hopefully, if the friendship keeps going like that, it will all come to something really, really good. [What we have] is not a formal courtship. Getting to know pero may lambing din naman. Iba sa States e. My [ligaw style] is Westernized pero may touch of Filipino values.”

For now, Tom is just happy that he and Princess understand each other well. “Yung how well do you know each other game sa Kapamilya Chat, half ng mga sagot namin magkaiba. Pero ang nakakatawa dun kasi alam ko yung isasagot niya. We're actually very, very similar. And the thing is alam din namin yung difference ng isa’t isa that's why it's easy for us to compromise,” he stated.